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Hats Off Carleton Place! — A Hard Wood Makeover-Before and After


Linda is known for her complaining and whining- but she does it when she feels things could be better in Carleton Place. A touch of insanity? Maybe- but no one is perfect. So, on July 31st  Linda complained about a few things again.

While I know sometimes the call of nature comes when you least expect it– there surely should have been another place to put the porta potty on the most photographed tree in Carleton Place on Lake Ave West.

13912692_10154160515291886_3684609602143328477_n (1).jpg

Maybe it is not a huge deal to some– but honestly, if you are trying to sell the town to tourists– this is not a “good look”!

Thanks go to Joanne Henderson, Manager of Recreation and Culture who came to the rescue– and today the porta potty was moved.

Sometimes words (and apps) are not enough to express how grateful you are. The tree would like to thank Joanne Henderson with a funky tune by Sly and the Family Stone. Thanks also goes out to Nicole Guthrie!

“I want to thank you for lettin’ me
Be myself again..
Thank you!”


collageporta before.jpg




Now if you really need somewhere to go down by the docks.. it’s across the road.



The Constipation Blues in Carleton Place





Let’s Build Cabins at Riverside Park!


In 1949 the powers to be in Carleton Place decided another way to attract tourists was to build some more cabins at Riverside Park in Carleton Place. That’s right, James A. Drummond announced that he intended to add to the cabins he now had at the end of Lake Ave West.

Satisfied with the results of the amount of tourists the previous summer, he was not only building more cabins but also constructing a community kitchen, and putting an extension on his refreshment booth.

The new cabins would feature a either a single or double bed. In 1949 there were already 4 cabins and the new proposed construction was considered to be a boom to the Carleton Place tourist trade. The new kitchen would allow tourists to cook their meals by themselves. Sounded like a great idea to me!

Photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum







Just Beat It! Carnival Riot in Carleton Place at Riverside Park



Which Town is More Tourist Friendly? A Photo Quiz



Which town would Abe the Tourist visit?


Perth? With a downtown board showing all information that a tourist or even a local citizen might need?

images (23)

Carleton Place? Where a sign has been discussed– but, since no one can agree on the shape of the sign for the last 6 months there won’t be anything going up soon.


Perth –Where walking tours are run 7 days a week– both locals and tourists support their local Museum and pay $15 for each tour.


Carleton Place– Where it seems only the dogs don’t ask why you are charging for the Museum walking tours or send emails. Next walking tour “Smoke on the Water” with garlic bread and bacon jam treats from Ballygiblins at the end of our tour.


Perth- developed their waterfront

images (24)


Carleton Place- could be a goldmine attraction if developed.


Perth –with their friendly signs


Carleton Place Signs—


“What do you do for fun around here?” When visitors come to your town, replies to this question can make or break their impression of your community. If you want visitors to come back again — and say nice things about your town to others who might come, too — you need to have some good answers at the ready.

With a broad perspective of community, start counting the things in your area that will appeal to visitors, including:

  • Beautiful or intriguing scenes in nature, including geology and wildlife;
  • Fun things to do outdoors;
  • Places to get to know local history and culture;
  • Chances to see and interact with local art and artists;
  • Festivals and events that celebrate local history, culture, harvest time, foods, music, or celebrities;
  • Built attractions, such as monuments, amusement parks, zoos, or theme parks
  • Local businesses and retail stores where visitors can shop or be pampered.
  • “You really need to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes—“Why would they want to come to your community? What would be appealing or interesting enough to get them to travel your way? And what would make them stay awhile longer?”

After going to Perth today to packed streets and shopping people– Carleton Place really needs to do something about their outlook on tourism. 

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Could Carleton Place Become Known as The Town of Barges?



This is my forever friend Danny O’Shea’s ex-wife, Maxine’s business. She opened a barge business in the Leicaster UK area.



Who knew?

barge3Photo- Sherry Crummy 2015

Well ladies and gentlemen, they are becoming new businesses for towns that have a waterfront. They attract business to their towns, dock at different locations, and use social media to attract their clientele, much like food trucks do. They would be be a type of businesses that would attract a niche crowd and many tourists. There may be grocery stores in town but how about a specialty fruit store on the water?  Or maybe take a couple of concepts and roll with it. How about a book store or a place to snack while you relax in front of the Mississippi?

Nautical but nice: Paddy Screech of Word on the Water book barge  pictured at Camden Lock, London.

Photo: Rii Schroer
Maybe entice a business offering scenic trips down the Mississippi like they used to do. This type of waterfront activity is of course seasonal— but it would attract tourists. What have we got to lose? They said food trucks wouldn’t last, and the many city powers to be fought them– but they are now the number one growing small business. Have you been to Almonte’s food truck The Cuban Mix? Have you seen the traffic they get? With all the waterfront we have it could easily be done. Don’t let another town take another idea!

One example of how slowly even simple things change in this town — from the Carleton Place Kings site.

The late Angelo Seccaspina was a former owner of the Carleton Place Jr B Kings in the 2000’s and sold the team to now owner of the Canadians Jason Clarke. Mr. Seccaspina laid the foundation for this Jr A franchise spoke owner Jason Clarke. “This franchise would not exist in Carleton Place if it were not for Mr. Seccaspina. Angelo presented this opportunity to the Town of Carleton Place 15 years ago. (Author’s note- the town council TURNED DOWN his request flat)

He set the standards of what was to be needed very high to ensure the team would be run first class and have a chance to be competitive right away, unfortunately he was about 10 years ahead of his time.” said Clarke.

“When I purchased the Jr B team from Mr. Seccaspina in 2007 he asked me if I had a plan to move the franchise up to Jr A, I told him that was apart of the plan,” said Clarke. When the time came I leaned on Mr. Seccaspina for some advice. I presented his original proposal with only a few changes and here we are today.

Why did we have to wait so long? Why do we balk change in Carleton Place?


When I hear someone say, “We can’t do it” . . . I say to myself, “What do you mean you can’t do it?” Maybe you don’t want to do it, but saying you “can’t” do it is a completely different story.

With the right mindset, positive attitude, and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, the only thing that is holding the town back is the word can’t.

Can’t is a terrible word and it has to be taken out of  everybody’s vocabulary.


Carleton Place steamer ferrying people up and down the Mississippi for jaunts and picnics.

The Willy Wonka Blues of Carleton Place

Carleton Place Does Not Have to Live in a Walmart Economy

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