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Time Travel Once Again in Lanark County?

Time Travel Once Again in Lanark County?
Photo- town of Almonte very early 1900s- Linda Seccaspina photo

This is a new postcard addition to my collection–

Unknown date–“Interestingly, the building’s monumental four-faced clock tower was not added until between 1913 and 1916 when a local Member of Parliament, named William Thoburn, ordered its construction. Thoburn, who was also a local mill owner, was rumoured to have demanded the erection of the clock tower to ensure the timely arrival of his employees to work each morning.”
So this photo is before 1913

John Morrow If I remember correctly Mr. Thoburn’s mill was off Little Bridge Street, behind both the Post Office and the Town Hall, so the clock tower would have been readily visible from both buildings. Mr. Thoburn retired from Parliament in 1917 when Lanark County went from two ridings (North and South) to one covering the whole county, being succeeded by Dr. Adelbert Edward Hanna of Perth, father of then future Almonte Gazette editor/publisher Stewart Hanna.

But LOOK Closely— real closely… who are those young men?

Is that John Lennon and Ringo Starr time travelling???

You tell me!!!!

May I remind you we found a photo that looked like the late Wandering Wayne time travelling a few years ago in Carleton Place

From  Jennifer Fenwick Irwin: The Marching Saints practiced upstairs. The Loyal Orange Lodge #48 also met upstairs above the Eating Place until 1992. You can still see where the sign used to be between the windows, just under the tin cornice in this photo:
In Memory of Wandering Wayne –Wayne Richards | lindaseccaspina

The Eating Place wasn’t around then- but that sure looks like our beloved late Wayne Richards coming from a meal at The Eating Place. Was he time travelling?

All I know is to me personally someone has had a ticket to ride…..

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collagetime travel

Does time travel exist?  It’s up to you to believe what is true or what is fiction. This is a true story of what happened to me a few years ago in San Francisco.

Last week as I sat down to enjoy a few minutes in the sunshine I met Billie. She was tall, had short cropped hair, and a white baseball cap on. Billie seemed to be the leader of the pack and also very high on something. It was almost like she felt no one else was there. She got up suddenly and started belting out the song “God Bless the Child.”

I knew it was a Billie Holiday song, and I was amazed at the performance she and her three back up girls were giving to the gathering crowd. She was Billie, no doubt about it. After the song, she sat down all out of breath and smiled at me as I gave her a dollar. I asked her how long she had been singing and she wiped her brow and simply said,


Suddenly she threw a bag at me and told me to look in it. I had no idea what might be in there, but I was intrigued. I used to collect and design clothes so I know vintage when I see it. Inside the bag was an incredible gold 1930’s evening dress. It was moth eaten and it could have used some Febreeze, but I was blown away. I asked her where she got it and she smiled. She told me she had worn it the pervious night singing with Count Basie.

I saw a small thin silver cylinder her friend was trying to hide and I knew they were high on crack. Sweet Billie was still talking plain as day like she had not consumed a thing. She told me she was a time traveler and that she was only here for the day. I heard all about her life and that her mother had pimped her out when she was young. She eased in and out of sentences about being in jail, and how she sang with Benny Goodman. I didn’t know much about Billie Holiday’s life but the words flowed with great sincerity.

I asked her how she time traveled and she smiled. She told me that when she feels time pulling her down she takes the subway train. Within the six minutes the train goes under the bay through the tunnel she is sucked into time by the volume of the noise. Being a huge fan of the late TV show Lost, I never doubted her for one minute and I don’t know why. She took her cap off, smoothed her hair down and took my hand.

Billie asked me if I would come with her through time later on as she was going to open Carnegie Hall the next night. Billie said she would not come back for awhile because the police were looking for her and that is why she was wearing a baseball cap. I was told they would eventually catch up to her next year and would arrest her at the Mark Twain Hotel.

I had stayed at the Mark Twain Hotel in San Francisco almost 28 years ago. It was in a pretty shady part of town, but I remember that big red stripper’s Ottoman in the middle of the lobby like it was yesterday. I wondered what the Hotel had looked like in its heyday and who I would have been had I time traveled like Billie.

“So you sure you aren’t coming?” she asked me.

I told her I was busy, but maybe some other time. With that she smiled and went back to the centre of the plaza and sang another tune with her girls. I saw the flower man and I immediately had an idea. I crossed the street and bought one of the dollar gardenias that were floating in a white plastic bucket. Billie had just finished her performance and I handed her the flower.

I smiled and told her,

“Billie, this for your Carnegie Hall Concert tomorrow night.”
She ripped her cap off and put it in her hair and said quietly,

“Thank you Mam, I will cherish it forever because I will always be the lady who sings the blues.”


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Time Travelling in Lanark County?





Yesterday I wrote about the late great Wayne Richards and wondered if it was him standing in the 1930 picture. Was it a time-travel picture I fantasized? Some even said it was the way Wayne carried a newspaper under his arm. It got me thinking—

In 1950, a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed.

On his person, the police found 19th-century money, a letter dated 1876 and business cards with his name – Rudolph Fentz. None of these items showed signs of aging. A Mrs. Rudolph Fentz was tracked down. She was the widow of Rudolph Fentz, Jr., and the story went that junior’s dad disappeared mysteriously in 1876. Weird, right? Eventually it was discovered that this urban legend originated from a 1950 short story written by Jack Finney. Finney would go on to write the classics Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Time and Again.

In the video below there is no sound but  a woman walks through a film premiere crowd in Los Angeles talking on her cell. Not so remarkable. Until you consider the year is 1928. The clip, from bonus material on a DVD of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus, hit the internet in 2010. Never mind the obvious questions about non-existent satellites and cell towers back in the jazz age. The device was most likely an early hearing aid. Still, the clip is mind-teasingly fun to watch.

Here is another;

Time Traveller Caught In 1938 Film? 2013 1080p Available

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