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Tilting the Kilt – Vintage Whispers of Carleton Place Available locally


titlting the kilt
I had a few phone calls today from people looking for my book in Carleton Place for Mother’s Day.

* Please note that it cannot be ordered by a private store.*

BUT, it is available and can be ordered on all forms of Amazon .. Amazon Canada as well as Amazon US ETC.

My loyal local followers can find all of my books for sale, both at Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street, and The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum at 267 Edmund Street. In the event you find that too exhausting, you can email me and I will deliver one to you.

Gossip is the civilized version of grooming each other for fleas. You can stop gossip with a simple, “That’s none of your business.” but why would you? Somewhere in our deep past we remember when cavemen gossiped over the a recent kill, memorializing the one that didn’t hold up their end of the kill. Stories begun by gossip are a significant channel of informal communication with something like 70% accuracy. The stories gathered here began life within 10 miles of Carleton Place. Linda guesses that makes them 50% accurate. Gossip-born stories, sharing standard currency of human connection, will make you smile, then you can pass them along, adding your own layers to make them even more spectacular.