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The Wright Brothers– British Home Children

The Wright Brothers– British Home Children




Dianne Kehoe Lawrence sent the LCGS this snippet about two British Home Children and Walter was her Grandfather.


BY-Dianne Kehoe Lawrence

Thomas and Walter  Wright born 1881 and 1882 on Guernsey, Channel Islands. Walter is my husband’s grandfather. They were shipped to Canada in 1894 as ‘slave’ or indentured labourers on farms.

Their father, a postman, on Guernsey died suddenly leaving a wife and seven children with another on the way. The mother was not able to manage so many children. The eldest boy entered the military at age 12. The mother kept the youngest children. Two girls went to an orphanage on Guernsey. Two boys went to an orphanage on Guernsey but were later shipped to England to Dr. Barnardo. From there they were sent to Canada.

My husband’s family didn’t know the story of Walter’s past until I began research. I have been able to connect and correspond with Wright cousins all over the world; Channel Islands, England, Canada, United States and Australia. Dianne


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