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A Name on a Sign –Thomas J. Reid Almonte

A Name on a Sign –Thomas J. Reid Almonte
Thomas J. Reid Clothing store sign on pole on Mill Street in Almonte sign on corner. Photo-Almonte.com

I was looking at a photo and in the corner of my eye I saw the T. J. Reid sign on the pole and decided to find out who he was. This is what I found out:


Progress Since Dry Wave Hit Town 1918

In December of 1918 Thomas J. Reid, who had a men’s clothing and furnishings store on mill Street in Almonte said:

“Understand,” said Mr. Reid, “there is not so very-much credit asked for nowadays, but when it is asked for by men who used to spend their money on liquor, we feel safe, in giving it to them.”


Mr. Reid is very much of the opinion that the local option has benefited in Almonte. In fact, he appeared to be one of the most enthusiastic local optionist in the town. He was told of what some of the others had said about local option.

“And I am quite willing to throw in my chip, too.”; he said. “I have been in this town for many years, and I know for certain that the town is a lot better! A lot better off without the licenses”. Mr. Reid observed that since local option was carried, quite a number of the citizens of the town appeared to be better dressed and he ventured to say–better fed.

He remarked that has since local option was carried he does a greater business than he did in the license days. Mr. Reid observed also that temptation in the liquor line is placed out of reach of the boys and young men. “What liquor is being brought here from Carleton Place,” he said, “is being consumed by the men who have such a thirst that they would go three limes the distance.”

almonte legion formerly bank of Montreal-

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-29 Sep 1950, Fri
Thomas J. Reid is the first one back row on left-almonte.com

14281-23 (Lanark Co) William Kenneth BOLAND, 31, fireman, Bromley twp Renfrew Co, Pembroke Ontario, s/o Tobias P. BOLAND (b. Belfast Ireland) & Catharine Anne WICK, married Margaret Ann BRYDGES, 27, household duties, Ramsay twp, Almonte Ontario, d/o Charles Edward BRYDGES (b. Kinross Scotland) & Margaret Seth REID, witn: Agnes J. REID & Thomas J. REID both of Almonte, 5 June 1923 at Almonte..

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