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The Accidental Death of Thomas Lowe 1871

The Accidental Death of Thomas Lowe 1871
August 1871– I had clipped this to remember and lost part of the article.. but I found out I had written about it in 2016– click here.. Murder in Carleton Place –Peter Cairns

Perth Courier, October 28, 1870

The Queen Versus Peter Cairns—On the 21st day of August last, the prisoner was playing with one Simmons and a young boy named Thomas Lowe, son of Mrs. Lowe who keeps a boarding house at Carleton Place. Thomas Lowe got hurt and began to cry, and the prisoner took down a double barrel shotgun from the wall and said he would shoot the boy if he did not stop crying.  Simmons told him to take care, the gun was loaded. Notwithstanding the warning, the prisoner raised the gun and fired at the child, the charge passing through his chest and he died in a few minutes.  There being no evidence of malice aforethought, but a clear case of criminal negligence, the grave charge of murder was withdrawn and the charge of manslaughter was returned.  Sentenced to 12 months in the common gaol at hard labour.

First Name
Son Of
Henry & Lucinda Lowe

A hand with the index finger pointing upward symbolizes the hope of heaven, while a hand with forefinger pointing down represents God reaching down for the soul.

Seen as an important symbol of life, hands carved into gravestones represent the deceased’s relationships with other human beings and with God. Cemetery hands tend to be shown doing one of four things: blessing, clasping, pointing, and praying.

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The Pakenham House—- Thomas Lowe House

The Pakenham House—- Thomas Lowe House
Any history on this home in Pakenham next to The General Store in Pakenham?
KH McAlister
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This is a photo of the home of Thomas Lowe and his wife Ann (nee Coburn), but I’m not sure if it’s the same house. (My grandmother remembered her grandfather, Thomas, giving her pennies when she visited as a child (in 1916) to buy candy at a store that was very close to the house.) – photo from Ken Lowe

Sheena StewartThe Pakenham library has a ‘book’ with the history of most homes in the village

Rose Mary SarsfieldSheena Stewart I think the number is 12 books of Tweedsmuir histories!

Rose Mary SarsfieldSheena Stewart I was just there on Friday looking for some information. Most of the Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir histories are at Archives Lanark and most branches have two or three books, so I was a bit taken aback when there were two shelves full of the Pakenham ones at the Pakenham Library. They are a great resource on Pakenham village.

No description available.

Pakenham Twp. in historical LANARK Co.

Opened in 1823. Its earliest settlers were some of Peter Robinson’s Irish immigrants of 1825. Others came from the Richmond settlement in Carleton county. Pakenham village was founded by James Harvey in 1825. Was a postal station from 1832. It is located on the Mississippi River. It was known as Dickson’s Mills then Pakenham Mills. In 1842 the village’s population was 250 persons. It contained 3 churches – Episcopal, Presbyterian and Methodist, post office, grist mill, saw mill, carding machine & cloth factory, four stores, a tannery, two taverns and some shops.

Jesse E. Middleton, The Province of Ontario: a History: 1615-1927, published 1927


Hi Linda…just scrolling through your posts and noted that you inquired about the same house in Pakenham with an old and newer pics..These are the same homes. I believe Tommy McCann owns it now. My Grandmother was a McCann—Allan Fulton

The identity of the Women’s Institute still lies profoundly in its beginnings. The story of how this historic organization came to be is one that resonates with women all over the world, and is engrained in the mission and vision Ontario WI Members still live by today. CLICK here–

Name:Thomas Lowe
Spouse:Annie Coburn
Child:Robert Samuel Lowe
Name:Thomas Lowe
Birth Place:Ireland
Spouse Name:Anne Coburn
Spouse Age:21
Spouse Gender:Female
Spouse Birth Place:Canada
Spouse Residence:Ivanhoe
Marriage Date:9 Apr 1866
Father Name:John
Mother Name:Barbara
Spouse Father Name:Robert
Spouse Mother Name:E.
Microfilm Roll:1030064

1871 Census

Name:Thomas Lowe
Birth Date:1871
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Place:Pakenham, Lanark North, Ontario
District Number:80
Religion:Weslyan Methodist
Born within last Year:May
Neighbours:View others on page
Household MembersAgeSamuel Lowe50Eliza Lowe33Samuel Lowe12William Lowe10Annie Lowe8Jane Lowe6George Lowe3Thomas Lowe0

Name:Thomas Lowe
Spouse:Anna Coburn
Child:Jennie Lowe

The Lowe Family in Pakenham