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There is Just Something About Brock Zeman



I have known Brock Zeman for years. I am not going to say how many years because that would date me. But there was many a time that Brock used to come into my store Flash Cadilac to chat. Then, there were the few times I gave him a ride home from some punk concert. That’s right– a punk concert! You see the Brock Zeman I knew was a punk rocker who sported a giant multi-coloured Mohawk. His first show was at Shawn Scallen’s and my club :“Two Steps Above” in Ottawa. I had forgotten that until he mentioned it. My how time flies!

After my store closed he and I were separated by thousands of miles, but I always wondered what happened to him. One day someone told he sang country music. I believe I said,” What the $%^& ? Are you joking?” After that I couldn’t quite place Brock with a cowboy hat on his head instead of a Mohawk. But, if he was happy and doing his best, then I was thrilled. I always knew he had talent, but did anyone really know how much?

Well Mr. Zeman has been slugging it out for a few years and producing great music. Of anyone in the Ottawa Valley music scene he deserves a lot more credit than he has been getting. This morning I just heard that Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back placed 2nd in the Americana category in The Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition. Not bad for a song without a chorus, like Brock said. When the judges are music’s finest like: Tom Waits, Lorde, Bill Withers and the list goes on, you know they have got to know what talent is. But didn’t everyone really know that it was already there?


The music business is run by money, and hard to get ahead without a break. Music is motivated by energy and feelings- everything of what Brock has. Nothing easy is worth anything, and there comes a time when lines meet and everybody can be happy. And that’s what it’s all about in the end – everybody being happy and having it work out. So Brock, you might not be a punk rocker anymore, but just know how proud I am of you. So very proud– and when the time comes, and I hit that music hall in the sky, come sing me a song.  Actually, I really like that tune of yours SWEAT. But you knew I would..:)

Congratulations Brock! Keep calm, carry on, and punk rock on my friend.

Published on 6 Apr 2012

In the lyrics, Brock Zeman says “it’s ugly and it’s wrong” but I say it’s a stellar piece of songwriting (about songwriting). Accompanied here by Roger Marin, this is brand new unrecorded material uploaded with Brock’s permission. Performed at the Gilmour Street Music Hall in Peterborough, Ontario in March 2012.


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