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What Did You Eat at the Superior? Comments Comments Comments and a 1979 Review

What Did You Eat at the Superior? Comments Comments Comments and a 1979 Review


Marty Taylor Dates. Unfortunately, all the waitresses said “NO”. 😉

Cathy Paterson Hot Roast Beef , Vanilla Drink , Rice Pudding

Angela Munro-Brelis Rice pudding!!!! By far

Tammy-Mike McLaughlin Chicken and zucchini sticks!

Dawn Jones Breaded veal cutlet. yum.

D Christopher Vaughan Chicken!

Leann Thompson Lasagna! It’s the best for takeout.

Angela Munro-Brelis Oh yea!!! Good call on the lasagna

Jason Perrier Growing up it was cheeseburger deluxe with gravy on the fries and a chocolate shake. It was always a hot chocolate on the way to school and can’t forget how good the pizza was.

Peggy Byrne The candy counter there was unbelievable – they made all their homemade fudge and it was delicious – especially the one that was rolled in peanuts.

Connie Ross Having a cherry coke!!

Christine Moses Pork souvlaki now but not sure it was on the menu 30 years ago.

Julie Cavanagh-Wilson Breakfast! Can’t get their perfect poached eggs anywhere else.

Brenda Marshall Banana cream pie

JoAnne Phillips A cheeseburger with all of those delicious fried onions on top.

Sharron Davis Rice pudding!

Donna Timmins A coke or Pepsi with salted peanuts in it. True!

Wendy West Turzanski Had to be the
Cheeseburger 🍔 and fries with gravy – delish!

Sandy France When it was owned by Dinty and Eddie Scott, four hamburgers and 4 fountain cokes.

Sylvia Coones Lime coke

Judy Ann Rice pudding topped with whipped cream …yum yum

Sandy Irvin Milkshakes

Susan Elliott Topping Rice Pudding and Chicken!

David Osborne Ice Cream cones (60 years ago!)

Ron Terpstra-Hot Chicken Sandwich

Mary Sterling Jarick Hot beef or chicken sandwich.

Judy Ann I’m getting hungry … 😮🙂

Jayne Munro-Ouimet Crispy chicken

Kevin Illingworth Rice pudding or their milkshakes

Sandra Houston Chicken. But you still had to have a cheeseburger deluxe gravy on the side….with fried onions

Melissa Hamilton Their chicken was the best! Grandpa used to always send me for some…..but don’t forget the honey packets or I was in big trouble

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Johnny Spinks Pizza

Karen Hirst Friday pea soup and fish & chips along with the best rice pudding were go to menu items many years ago

Cyndii Hitchins Demers chicken and rice pudding ..

Marion MacDonald cherry coke

Sandra Houston Coconut cream pie
Rice pudding

Anne Hourigan Hamburger


Photo from Ted Hurdis
Here is a pic of my mother in front of “the soup”/ The Superior. Probably around 1942 1943. Dad would have been overseas and that’s my sister Thelma in the carriage

Don Raycroft Hot hamburger, gravy on the fries !! Best anywhere..

John Metcalfe Veal cutlet as well as their chicken and I loved the fried onions it made any burger the best ever

Sally Tuffin Loved their club sandwiches.

Jaci Smithson Vanilla coke floats


Screenshot 2017-04-12 at 13


John Montreuil Anyone one ever see Doug Sonnenburg in there?

Christine Brodie Hot chicken sandwich

Paul Charlebois- Best pizza anywhere! Cheeseburgers too

Sandra Thompson Coconut cream pie, rice pudding, chicken souvlaki, chicken salad sandwich & hamburgers, I could go on but I won’t. You get the picture…lol George & Terry were very good cooks. I enjoyed many meals there. I wish they were still there, it’s just not the same anymore. I hardly go there.

Erin Topping Cherry coke 😁

Julia Abbott Greek salad

Sheila Mueck I work there when Ed and Dinty owed it and June Alice Ann Ruth Flossie and others I can’t remember sorry !!!!!!!!

Karen Hirst I worked at the Superior Restaurant as a waitress on weekends, last year of high school. Owned then by George & Terry Charos. Great staff at the time, very helpful. Restaurant work isn’t easy for sure, so hats off to those who serve us while we enjoy our meals in all the restaurants we patronize—thank you.

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Did you know there was a name contest to name the Superior??


Jayne Munro-Ouimet Karen, it is still belongs to George and Terry. One of the wives is still the server. Little has changed on the menu and they still make their special chicken.

Karen Hirst Yes that is true—building is owned by George & Terry and Peter cooks sometimes but I believe business is run by another fellow??  Peter’s wife does the waitressing.


 - Saturday, July 28, 1979 Good food good prices...

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The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
28 Jul 1979, Sat  •  Page 20

Good food good prices in Almonte Superior Restaurant M Mill St. Almonte, Ont. 25S-3954 HOURS: Mon-Thurs 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Fri. & Sat. to midnight. Sun. 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. LICENSED PARKING: On street and behind the restaurant CAPACITY: 190 CARDS: Masterchargc, VisaChargex DRESS: Very Casual RESERVATIONS: Necessary ror large groups FOR HANDICAPPED: No problems By Marilyn Minnes The sign beckons: “Welcome to Almonte, the friendly town.” Here among this historic business section, you’ll find as friendly a restaurant in the Superior as the welcome bespeaks. The small homespun draped “boomtown” storefront, an early 20th century design, is deceptive in sie. Inside, the restaurant progresses from a tiled-floor front section, diner style with booths, counter and stools, beyond to arborite tables with leatherette chairs, and finally, into the classier and roomy back lounge with its bright red carpeting, gold and print linencd tables, red leatherette chairs and dark wood panelled walls decorated with mirrored wall sconces. The menu is as family oriented as the room. While it varies slightly for the less formal bar stool and booth patrons (there are daily price specials available in these sections), it covers the gamut of pizza to Italian specialties, fried chicken, steaks and other grilled items pork chops, liver, ham and mixed grill, seafood, roasts (pork and turkey), hot and cold sandwiches, omelets and salads.

Meal prices are in the $:i.25-$5.r0 range. For dessert there’s a variety of homemade pies, the fruit fillings generally canned. The banana cream ($.90) has fresh slices on top of a pudding base. An excellent choice is the creamy rice pudding ($.80 topped with freshly-whipped cream.) The service is a refreshing as the town. Our uniformed young waitress had spent the day haying on the family farm before preparing for her evening shift. Our trio, returning to Ottawa from a day in the country, started with appetizers of shrimp cocktail ($3.25). celery hearts and olives ($1.50) and a chef’s salad bowl ($1.20). Servings are generous. The cocktail was made up of seven, count them, seven firm, fresh jumbo shrimp on a bed of crisp iceberg with a mini-cup of nippy cocktail sauce. There was crisp celery aplenty intermingled with olives, but the celery could have been more carefully washed. The salad bowl was full to overflowing with crisp, fresh garden vegetables. Dressings are not housemade.

A well-prepared and substantial main course item is the veal cutlet parmigiana ($5.25). a tender breaded veal cutlet, sauteed and blanketed with mozzarella and accompanied by spaghetti smothered with a spicy homemade meat sauce. Salad plates are ample, fresh and refrigerator cool. My choice was the shrimp plate ($5.25), made up of the same jumbo shrimp, a good potato salad dotted with green onions, hard cooked egg halves and coleslaw and tomato on a bed well padded with crisp lettuce. A club sandwich ($3.40) combines thick slices of turkey meat, bacon, lettuce and tomato with a pocket of coleslaw and a heap of french fries. You’ll find every hot and cold sandwich ($1.15 to $3.45) which your small-fry, or you, might fancy, minus the proverbial peanut butter. The wine list while brief is varied. We chose an Italian Bcrtolli Orvicto $10.25 full bottle, $5.50 half-bottle (LCBO $5.20 and $2.90). Orders can be prepared for take-out. That’s handy since there are picturesque picnic spots nearby. The best bets here are the pressure-fried chicken done up as you like either in buckets of chicken only or meal packs which Include honey, french fries, coleslaw and buns. Pizzas and the Italian dishes also are take-out specials. The Greek owners, brothers Terry and George Charos, having established themselves here during the past 14 years, keep busy donning the chefs hat and hosting. The result is an orderly low-key establishment combining low prices with good food and hospitality. Friendliness Is the key word.