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From Kaladar to Carleton Place – The Spud Box is Open!



Halfway between Ottawa and Peterborough in Kaladar lies an urban legend. Rumour is their burgers were rated tops by the Globe & Mail, and people come from all over the world to taste their food. I have been hearing whispers about this for 6 months now, so today I finally got to see what all the buzz was about. The Spud Box has just opened on HWY 7 where the old Balderson Cheese store once stood and the place was hopping!

spud 7

As I stood there waiting for my poutine with Ms Fiona Cornell — I was not only shocked by the quality of the food, but the quantity. An order of pulled pork poutine atop french fries and smothered with dark gravy could easily have been shared by two and still had leftovers. I saw many lost fries on the deck and wondered why. When I got my poutine it was over flowing and I had to struggle to keep them all in the dish. The Spud Box serves huge servings, so be prepared to split a large fries at least 2 ways. I haven’t seen a decent Philly Cheesesteak since The Philly Cheesesteak Shop in Berkeley and I saw a Philly Cheesesteak walk out the door that could rival my fave. I didn’t taste it but it looked great.


A woman struggled spraying vinegar on her fries that sat under thin battered fish. No frozen processed stuff here! Even the butter tarts are homemade– and they sell them in singles, 6 pcs, or 18 pcs. My butt did not need that poutine, but how can you do a review if you don’t try the food. Remember, this isn’t McDonalds, it’s not fast food. The Spud Box serves real food and takes a little more time. As the owner said, ‘we serve the best f^&%in burgers in town!  It’s worth the wait!


Carleton Place’s Unofficial “Miss Spud Box” Jessica Irvine who talked The Spud Box into coming to Carleton Place