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Judy from The Cheddar Stop is Selling a Little Bit of Heaven from Clayton




Photo from the Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee Facebook Page


Madonna had a hit song called 4 minutes and I often wondered what one could do in those 4 minutes. However, I know now what takes 11 minutes.  Did you know it takes 11 minutes of sunlight falling on solar-electric panels to generate the electricity required to roast 8 pounds of our luscious coffee? I don’t know much about coffee, but Clayton’s very own Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee hand-roasts small-batches of carefully selected coffee beans.

They purchase their coffee beans through the farm gate, from small-lot farmers who care deeply about their plants, their land and the quality of the coffee they produce. Some of their coffee beans even come from 150-year-old shrubs. They guarantee their customers that they pay a minimum of 50% more than Fair Trade coffee, ensuring the well being of their producer-partners.


So now we can not only support local, but we can do it knowing how much these gals care about what they are selling to us. From their Facebook page I notice they also offer equal– opportunity hiring also. Need I say more? Maggie below is chilling  below after working hard in their order dept.



Kim and Lorraine from Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee in Clayton


Our beloved Judy Langdon at the The Cheddar Stop on Highway 7 (look for the pink cow) is now carrying their product. When you go in there to buy your treats and your cheese and fudge– pick up a bag. Whoops, did I say Ottawa Valley Fudge? It might be a few dollars more expensive, but you are getting nothing but sheer quality and you are supporting local– retail and wholesale.




What’s coming up at The Cheddar Stop? Judy says to be on the outlook for many new things and shhhhhhhhhh…. there is something brand new coming in for the frozen yogurt fanatics.

Did someone say ice cream?



Chocolate covered sponge toffee



Linda looking deranged in front of The Ottawa Valley Fudge

10471 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
 1 613-257-3000


Did you Know?

Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee now comes in 100% biodegradable packaging! These amazing bags are manufactured from a combination of recycled paper and wood fibers and use CORN OIL to produce the “plastic” lining and one-way gas valve to keep your coffee fresh.

Each bag is marked with the following label that explains the amazing technology that goes into the simple paper bag.

The label in this update points to a special one-way valve that allows carbon dioxide gas generated during the roasting process to escape, while preventing coffee-spoiling oxygen from entering the bag.

A paper-style bag is obviously not moisture-proof. But if you look at our bag, you will see a plastic-style lining that prevents moisture from reaching the coffee. Corn oil has been used in place of traditional petrochemicals to produce this fully biodegradable liner.

Fresh coffee and a reduced waste stream. This is one more way that FLUID is committed to you and the environment!


Written with files from Fluid Roasted Coffee


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Sharing Fudge With the Town of Carleton Place

Carleton Place — Come See What Judy Langdon Has Cooking in her Kitchen!


NO– it’s not Veggies..



Let’s get honest here, if you’ve eaten way too many mini chocolate bars that you were planning on giving out as treats; you can always blame it on the “bulky snowsuit” under your clothes. Well, you could have years ago– but not now– you’ve got nuttin’ now!

I like the idea of candy apples much more than the apples themselves; the caramel variety is almost impossible to get a grip on, the caramel slipping across the smooth apple skin as you plow it with your teeth. And I’m never quite sure how to approach the hard red candy kind; there is no way to be delicate when sweet shards are shattering all over your face, sticking to your cheeks.


I may as well admit that I don’t generally make the caramel kind because those little square Kraft caramels and I have a history; namely I was completely addicted to them a few years back. Wait! I still am!  Their little wrappers used to be everywhere, and I used to get panicky whenever my stash ran low. I had to quit cold turkey, but judging by that dish in my kitchen, the addiction is back. I walked into The Cheddar Stop yesterday and saw these creatures of goodness hanging out on Judy’s counter. That is right– just above the fudge. Judy??? You are killing me!!! LOLOL. Look at these apples. If you are not going to eat them they would make a nice gift. That is — if you can get them to your destination without snacking on them.

Sponge Toffee


Then right next to it was– THIS!  This time close to the hand dipped chocolates! For something similar to a Crunchie bar (but far better), dip cooled chunks into melted chocolate and set on waxed paper until set. Remember the giant sponge toffee at the candy store where they would break it up into chunks to purchase? So put those mini bars away and go and visit Judy. Give her a hug while you are there. Got to love the Judy– she does so much for our community you do not know about. Thank you Judy for what you do!

Oh yeah– if your chocolate level is that high might as well come home with one of these below!!


The Cheddar Stop featuring Ottawa Valley Fudge

10471 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 257-3000

Sharing Fudge With the Town of Carleton Place


I had a list of things to do for Ladies Who Lunch today, and one of them was to bring miniature hat boxes to Judy Langdon from The Cheddar Stop on Highway 7. I can’t walk in that store without almost fainting from the Ottawa Valley Fudge I swear. Judy is graciously providing fudge table samplers for the ladies on June 6th. I was going to meet Judy Pallister and Brenda Mattey for lunch and decided it might make a nice treat.


It was hot outside, and even though I was sweating in my hoodie, the fudge was still calling my name. Judy carefully placed a few slices in the box so everyone could share. As I got in my car I noticed my deodorant wasn’t working, (darn natural stuff) so I decided to make a pit stop at home. When I looked in the mirror my hair kind of sat there so I got the crimping iron out, plugged it in, and tried to look alive. When I went to grab it, the darn thing fell in the sink. I stood there for 5 minutes debating if I would get electrocuted if I touched it. Oh what the hell, I picked it and nothing happened. I was good to go!


Clutching the bag of fudge I ran into The Moose and had a great lunch with Judy and Brenda. I found out what a Miche bag is, (Hand and shoulder bags based on a system of magnetic interchangeable bag covers and accompanying accessories) and that The Moose has awesome Bruchetta. Two important things in life I tell you- LOL. Brenda treated, so I made sure the waitress at The Moose got a piece of fudge. I didn’t take a picture as I respect ‘the bubba” and one of the waitresses scares the heck out of me.:)



Next was on to Wisteria and signed a few of my books and introduced Judy to our gals at Wisteria. Gail Sheen MacDonald was there and she also enjoyed a piece of chocolate fudge. God, she looks almost orgasmic!


I thought of Krista Lee next at Applecheeks but instead headed to see Amanda from Simple Pleasures Adult Boutique. Yes, fudge and naughty things go together. Wasn’t there fudge in 91/2 weeks? Wrong movie?

Would there be a piece left over for Krista?


On to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum to get some information on A.W. Bell for a story I am doing. I bartered for information with Jennifer Fenwick Irwin for a piece of fudge. How cool was that?  Being who she is, she shared it with the Museum summer employee Jane.


One piece left- miles away from Krista. What to do? What to do?  Only one way to go! Open Sesame! Goodbye fudge!

Sorry Krista-next time.:)


P.S- I was told to edit this picture by someone close to me as it might not be work friendly LOL

So why would I write this silly blog? Because if every single person shared one thing with JUST ONE other person in Carleton Place today, then this town would get one step closer to becoming the town that everyone else would envy. Food for thought boys and girls!


Thanks for the duck Judy! Huggggg

All You Can Eat at The Cheddar Stop – Say Hi to Judy Langdon



George Bernard Shaw once said there is no sincerer love than the love of food, and when you walk into The Cheddar Stop you can feel the love oozing out of the coolers and displays. First and foremost let’s talk about the fudge, because thoughts of the Ottawa Valley Fudge I took pictures of is still imprinted in my mind. Families are like Fudge. Mostly sweet with a few nuts—and would you be considered nutty if you tried their Jelly Donut flavour? Or how about Tiger Butter? That’s what I thought. Let’s face it, a nice piece of creamy fudge does a lot for some people; it does for me, and my bootay.

Judy Langdon was once a service contractor and she sold Ottawa Valley Fudge on the side. In my personal view fudge is always a front runner and soon Judy bought The Cheddar shop on Hwy 7. She and husband Rob Hunt decided to expand on other delicious items for foodies.

Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom’s homemade soup or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past. Judy stocks everything, and anything, that will bring up past memories or create new ones. Savoury and Fruit Pies from Delicious Baking in Perth. Frozen and ready to bake so everyone will think Grandma had a hand in it. Home made fresh-baked Butter Tarts to die for. As someone posted on her Facebook page:

“Someone gave Judy’s butter tarts a to-die-for recommendation and I totally agree. Perfect flaky crust holding a delicious gooey filling.”

You can’t get St. Albert’s cheese curds any fresher, or squeakier for your gourmet Poutine!  It’s delivered fresh to the store, Mon-Sat. for your enjoyment. There is Chris Bros Pepperoni available from down east and of course Balderson Cheese, fresh “Off the Block”. They are also carry Pilgrimage Cheese which is locally handcrafted in Elgin and Buschgarden Farmstead Cheese.

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. So how about filling your inner soul with 12 different kinds of old fashioned milkshakes? Or memories of an old fashioned Root Beer Float made from Reid’s ice cream? If something less rich is your choice The Cheddar Stop carries real English tea so you can have a proper brew with those butter tarts. They even have de-alcholized wine for a relaxing glass on the patio with a side of their delicious cheeses.

The Cheddar Stop specializes too. Sue’s Gluten Free Cakes are in their freezer, and they also have gluten free ice cream cones too! Gift baskets are lovingly made to order for any occasion. The Highway 7 food emporium also has fresh Thompsontown Maple Syrup, Maple Fudge, Maple Cheddar, and lots of other goodies from Clayton. Just in time for some sugar on snow.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food, all you need to do is pop in to The Cheddar Stop to make some of your meals delicious. This weekend The Cheddar Stop is going to be serving homemade ice cream sandwiches. That’s right– fresh warm cookies with Reids or Nestle’s ice cream in the middle. How is that for a foodie fantasy? Take your Mum to an ice cream brunch!


The Cheddar Stop featuring Ottawa Valley Fudge

10471 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 257-3000