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1968 — Speeders and the Pinboys at the Playfair

1968 — Speeders and the  Pinboys at the Playfair
read top photo right hand column next

June 13th, 1968 front page The Canadian

McIsaac and Cornell– Not Your Regular Guys read

Women Gave Police Lots of Trouble in the 1800s

The Carleton Place Police – Whatcha’ Goin’ to Do When They Come For You?

What’s in the Back Seat? Another Story of Our Carleton Place Police Force

Women in Prison 1900s

Women Arrested for Wearing Pants?

Lanark County “Bad Girls”– Bank Street 1873

“Wenches” in Almonte??

Theresa Fritz 2001 – Ice Hotel in Canada Makes no Sense

Theresa Fritz 2001 – Ice Hotel in Canada Makes no Sense

2001 The Canadian

I found this article from 2001 and decided it should be documented. There is not a day I do not miss her.

Karen Decoux is with Scott Robinson.
January 24  · 

We live now in a world of selfies and readily available photos at our fingertips.
I admit I have to force myself to take pictures of those closest to me. It’s this weird little brain glitch about privacy. And also about the camera not showing reality.
I mean, selfie mode on every phone has an auto filter, reducing lines and discolorations, so I KNOW I don’t look like the pics. “Objects in selfie are younger and slimmer than reality.”
But the other point is that when I take pics of friends and family, I’m rarely satisfied with what it captures. They are always so much MORE in reality. More beautiful. More effervescent. More light glowing from within. A photo is not good enough. It doesn’t do justice to those I love.
When my friend Theresa died two weeks ago, these photos came to my mind. I could see them clearly, but couldn’t bring myself to look at them. This past week, I dug out photo albums and couldn’t find them. Yesterday I located them. I have so few.
My theory holds. They don’t do her justice. A picture is a fraction of a second. Somewhere around 1/60 with flash. Less than the time of a heartbeat. These do not convey her energy, or humour, or intelligence or love.
But take photos anyway. Take them to remember what is in front of you, as memory prompts for what was, and of the love in that moment.

Karen Decoux– Photos

Karen Decoux– Photo

Karen Decoux– Photo
Karen Decoux– Photo
Karen Decoux– Photo

In memory of Theresa Fritz— this was one of her photos. June Dalgity 1999 Almonte Gazette Clippings and Comments
Linda Seccaspina
April 21  · 

Memories of celebrating the Queen in 2015 Theresa Fritz and Sean Redmond. There is not a day that I cant believe she is no longer with us.
Blast from the Past.. Thanks to Paul Bergsma for sending this.. CPHS Talent Contest.. Rick Knowles– Philip Mailey and Andy Bowes–they got a standing ovation–Circa 1994?? Photo was by none other than Theresa Fritz 🙂
Linda Seccaspina
September 28, 2018  · 

Today People from our community.. Ashley Kulp (metroland media) Councillor Theresa Fritz and Tara Gesner (metroland media)–Theresa FritzPoliticians need the media and vice versa. Always good to try and get along. As the late mayor Brian Costello used to tell me, you should not get into a pissing match with people who buy ink by the barrel. LOL!
Linda Seccaspina
December 1, 2018  · 

 Doug Black mayor, Sean Redmond deputy mayor, and Theresa Fritz councilwoman and who has listened to my many questions I am going to continue to have. Of course there is our Kory Earle here too who does so much for the community.
July 21 2018

Remembering Councillor Theresa Fritz

John Cote Theresa Fritz and Joan Hicks– Blasts from the Past

June Dalgity 1999 Almonte Gazette Clippings and Comments

Money Talks – The Staff of the Bank of Nova Scotia Bank in Carleton Place -1971


The Carleton Place Nova Scotia Bank on Bridge Street- read more about it here.



The staff of the Carleton Place Nova Scotia Bank in 1971




Marg McNeely
Hi Linda…..here is a pic of employees of the BNS in 1957 at Xmas party at the Lake Park Lodge.
Front row L-R…..Kathryn Downie, Noel Dagenais, Mrs. Cross, Mr. Cross (Bank Manager), Ray Eldridge, Phyllis Donnelly.
Back row L-R…..Irene Taylor, Marg (Tosh) McNeely, Wayne Symington, Ruby MacPherson, Doris Willows.
All were local people except for Noel and Ray



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Miss Civitan Club 1976? Who Are These Women?


Another picture from The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum‘s boxes of photos from the old Canadian basement that Jennifer Fenwick Irwin rescued.

1976 Almonte Civitan Club

Was this a public speaking event? Was it a Miss Civitan club pageant? Any ideas?


Lisa Stanley Sheehan said it was the Miss Almonte Pageant and she recognizes —Linda Vaughn, Lorraine Sonnenburg, Theresa Byrne, Angela Gossett

Mary Anne Harrison- I’m pretty sure about these names and it certainly looks like a Miss Almonte Pageant.

L-R Lianna Hallas, Julia Coe, Angela Gosset, Kathy Ohkie, Susan Bailey, Theresa Byrne, Angela Scott, Shirleen Sonnenberg, Frannie Scissons, Suzanne Bach.


Almonte Civitan Club – A Brief History

The sponsoring club, Carleton Place, and its president Gary Deschamp, organized the first meetings in mid 1971. They were assisted by Western Grizzard, a field representative of Civitan International. Their hard work paid great dividends and the Almonte Civitan Club was chartered on January 22, 1972. The club was incorporated as a not‑for‑profit corporation, under the name The Civitan Club of Almonte Incorporated, on February 15, 1978 but is better known as The Almonte Civitan Club.

Our Charter President, Bill Ritchie, his executive and members of the day worked very hard to set the formal ground work of the club. Meeting dates and locations were set, projects were started, and the constitution and by‑laws were hammered out. Today, our meetings are every second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 pm in the club owned Almonte Civitan Community Hall.

Our club has a great list of fund-raising and community projects under its belt. A small sampling is listed here: Claxton Cake Sales, Medical Equipment Loan Program, various dinner dances for fund-raising or just for fun, Pie Days, Craft Sales, Raffles, Christmas parade, Canada Day Celebrations, various Christmas Parties, many functions for Seniors, Youth and Challenged individuals, Scouts & Guides, Junior Civitan, Special Olympics, Community festivals and much more.

In January, 1990 the Arnprior & District Civitan Club was chartered as a direct result of much hard work by Almonte club members. This club has since dissolved.

Almonte was also the sponsor in September 2004 of the very successful Pakenham & District Civitan Club.

We are proud to be members of this great organization called CIVITAN and look forward to many more years of HELPING PEOPLE !