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1941- The Robertson Family of Carleton Place

1941- The Robertson Family of Carleton Place

Hi Linda,

I’m not sure if this is relevant to your Tales of Carleton Place page, but the attached article is about the Lloyd Robertson train accident. Lloyd, along with his brother Bert and parents Rodger and Elizabeth Robertson lived in Carleton Place. After serving in WW1, Lloyd got married and moved to Windsor. When his mother died, he and his wife went back to Carleton Place for the funeral. While driving back to Windsor, Lloyd and his wife hit a train. His brother Bert was my grandfather. His daughter, my mother, was going to go back to Windsor with them for a visit but my grandfather stopped it for some reason.

Ray Morrison







Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  28 Apr 1941, Mon,  Page 22

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  24 Apr 1941, Thu,  Page 18



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