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Is Facebook now a Replacement for Public Walls?




Once upon a time, public display of ‘word’ consisted of writing content in bathroom stalls or on walls–like these at Boldt Castle. Sometimes walls could talk, and gossip would get back to us later about who wrote what where and why. Our thoughts were written down in personal diaries or letters that were sent and kept in a box for posterity. Things were whispered and kept in private and only years down the road would you find out things you wish you would have known sooner.


Now the “wall” that everyone seems to talk about is the Facebook wall where everyone you really don’t know reads your inner thoughts and dreams on a daily basis. This wall says it is a place to post content to share with a broader audience. Would this same audience be allowed to read your diary years ago? So why are we sharing our life’s time line with total strangers?




People complain all the time that their privacy is being breached and threaten Facebook with lawsuits for exploiting their recent activity privacy. Well, if they would stop putting up things they don’t want to be made public– things would be okay. Where is the line drawn about what you post or what you read? As Sarah Chalke once said: “Human beings are not meant to lose their anonymity and privacy.” Nor their brains. 





Linda Seccaspina Photos 

Images of the upper floor of Boldt Castle that has not been renovated yet. The walls contain hundreds of signatures and messages from 1960 on. It was called ‘early texting’!

Boldt Castle is in the middle of the St. Lawrence Seaway on the American side facing  Ontario.