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RACK ‘EM UP —Do You Remember George’s Playhouse?

RACK ‘EM UP —Do You Remember George’s Playhouse?

Last night I wrote about George’s Pizza on Bridge Street that closed years ago. I thought he had moved to the Spartan Pizza location, and today his wife, Terry Poulos, sent me this link to the Facebook group: George’s Playhouse.

All photos from The Poulos.

georges playhouse

George’s Playhouse Facebook Page


More pictures on their Facebook Page

Anthony Tyler Tony Henderson
May 26, 2010
It was my first job at 8 yrs old, teens would come in and give me a 2 or 1 doller bill and I would give them quarters. I used to also sweep and mop and would get paid in quarters and go give them back by playing the games.


Sabrina Niles-Wakely
April 27, 2009
Omg it is so awesome, and I spent many a day and night in that place!!! Some very good memories!


Gerry Whitney
November 18, 2007
I remember back in the day, sometime in the winter, I was playing a game and all of a sudden my legs felt very warm. Smitty lit my pants on fire, so I put it out and he did it again. I had to walk home with barely any pants left. Awww, the good ol dayz!


With Jamie Brown and Joe Lay.

Paul Bergsma
November 2, 2007
Joe Lay head butted me in 1992.


With Steve Nezan.


Jennie Thom
November 16, 2007
Oh my. This brings me back… sure was some good times eh!
Really too bad it couldn’t stay around to wreck another generation of kids.

Author’s note– Jennie Thom, I bet you are hiding a lot of good stories.:)


With Kory Waddell and Kyle Taylor.


With CHAD NIELD and Shawn Cooke.


With Downtown Kenny Brown and Peter MacDonald.

Sandy Iwaniw added:

If a bunch of the boys were skipping my class, I used to get someone to cover and I would head to George’s Playhouse and drag them back to school!

More pictures on their Facebook Page

Rack’ Em Up Lads! Pool Halls ETC. in Carleton Place

The last of the building Sept 19 2022

For all the folks asking what was on the corner where the town empty parking lot is now next to Spartans you can see the building which was formerly Don Switzers garage .I believe later on it was run by Mel Phillips , Susan’s dad