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McDiarmid Tennis Courts Photos Photos Photos

McDiarmid Tennis Courts Photos Photos Photos


ennifer Fenwick Irwin Just to the west of their home – the “McArthur House- the “McArthur House” on McArthur Avenue





Postcard McDiarmids Carleton Place 1907











Public Archives



This image of the McDiarmid ladies (and men!) washing up after a picnic was taken about 1914. The McDiarmids lived in the big stone house at the end of McArthur Street, where they had a tennis court in the side yard.

MIKAN 3550370 Tennis match, three persons on the court. ca. 1910 [128 KB]
Tennis match, three persons on the court. ca. 1910 -Public Archives
July 1894–Public Archives Carleton Place

Perth Courier, Nov. 9, 1888—

Mr. Archibald McArthur, of Carleton Place, has donated $1,000 to Knox College to establish a scholarship to be known as the Arthur McArthur scholarship



This photo was taken from the roof of the McArthur stone house on McArthur Avenue, looking north. Here’s a few shots taken from the same roof last month.



Your 200th Memory– I can’t remember where I got this photo of children playing in Carleton Place– but back then it was a different time. Jennifer Fenwick Irwin== These are the McDiarmid children, at their home on McArthur Avenue.

Doug B. McCarten Agree that there was a lot of freedom to just be a kid back then and it was SOP in small towns across the country…. Today there are many new things to consider leading to lesser freedoms for kids which I think makes them less prepared for life. Growing up now is much more complicated than back then.

Norma Ford –Back then there was always some parent that would tell your parents what you were doing and you got it when you got home or the next day.

Myfanwy Charbonneau –Thats the way I grew up, little supervision and lots of trust to do the right thing, growing up was fun, playing in the woods, climbing trees, walking wooden fence lines, picking wild fruit, playing his and seek in the wild juniper bushes, then head to the house and eat lunch, and out again until chore time. I loved those days. They make me feel young again.




Tennis Group 1884 Ottawa


Clipped from

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  4. mcdia.jpg

Photos from  the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

McDiarmids was just up the street from the Keyes Building on Bridge Street where The Granary is located-note the balcony.




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Tennis – The Last Form of Bigotry? – Zoomer



Tennis – The Last Form of Bigotry? – Zoomer.



“One of the last forms of bigotry that seems to be socially accepted these days is to publicly hate or embarrass those who do not fit the celebrity fake ideal of “hot.” If you are a woman, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, what gifts you bring to the human race or what pristine character you possess, the arrangement of features, bone size and build determines your worth– and that my friends is truly sad.”