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It’s the Merrickville News 1880

It’s the Merrickville News 1880



Perth Remembered photo-In 1876, the construction of the Perth High School was completed at a cost of $16,000.00. The student enrolment ranged from 150 to 175 the first year.



January 16 1881

Mr. F. M. White’s marsh intends having a sort of skating match on his rink before long.

Mr. F. L. Newman and Mr. M. A. Gill are attending the Collegiate Institute at Perth. We wish them success in every undertaking and may the reward of the diligent student be theirs.

The County Lodge of the I. O. G. T. was held here Thursday last, but the several Subordinate Lodges throughout the County were not very well represented, owing perhaps to the roads or weather.


Soldiers of the Queen— Order of the 1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment appears to be wearing Masonic regalia but in fact he is a member of the International Order of Good Templars


The public entertainment given by the Good Templars on the 8th lost was not so well attended as perhaps it would have been had it received more extensive advertising. The Templars are giving another open meeting m their own hall on Thusday night next.



Photo-Virtual Reference Library


May 14 1897

A little boy named Ernest Van Camp, of Merrickville, is deservedly a hero just now. The Rideau Record says this boy and a companion. Frankie Real, were playing -on a raft of timbers in the Canal Basin, just below the draw-bridge, when the latter missed his footing and fell into the water. Not being skilled in the art of swimming he immediately sank, but came up almost as quickly. Again he sank, and again he came up. By this time little Ernest, who had never lost his presence of mind, pushed a pole to the drowning lad, telling him to catch hold of it. This he did and was pulled to the edge of the raft. No sooner did he come within reaching distance than he grasped hold of Ernest, who also caught hold of him ‘and hung on while he shouted for help. In a few moments assistance arrived and the little fellow was rescued from his perilous position


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