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Does Anyone in Carleton Place Want to Be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?



A long time ago my sons were addicted to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it was believed they fictitiously resided in a sewer. It wasn’t your ordinary sewer location like those in Jennifer Toth’s book The Mole People; it actually looked like something you could call home. So what possessed five Calgary, Alberta headbangers to suddenly call a local sewer “party central”?

This piece of insanity was originally broadcast last year during the 10 o’clock Canadian CTV news. Obviously no one else believed it or cared, because you cannot find it on any media source except the CTV news video site. I think this stupidity needs to go viral.

A local Calgary man living in the Deer Run suburbs decided to go for that one last evening smoke before bedtime and noticed a strange man lifting a man hole cover. When he saw the long-haired figure having an Orson Welles moment similar to those Norwegian rats Calgary and Medicine Hat have a problem with; he decided it needed to be reported.

Intrigued and concerned the man immediately called 911 while loud music began pouring up from the sewer into the night. The police arrived and called the fire department (was it because they had bigger ladders?) who hauled the men out one by one as seen in the news video. Partying in a sewer system isn’t the brightest idea, but the fact the men only received a ticket for removing a man hole cover is way beyond me. What were these people smoking?

Well you don’t have to be like these guys to be a Ninja Turtle. The Carleton Place BIA is seeking two to four students to wear Hulk and a Ninja Turtle costumes for Saturday May 2nd from 11-2 pm. Students must be responsible and will receive community services hours. Adults are welcome to help out as well if they want!



175 Bridge Street at Town Hall 613-257-8049