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June 1957 –Documenting the Happy Wanderers CFRA

June 1957 –Documenting the Happy Wanderers CFRA

The Barn Dance sponsored by the Almonte Chamber of Commerce was held in the Almonte Community Centre on Friday evening. Favoured with fine weather, there was a good attendance in spite of the fact that several other dances were scheduled for that evening. The music supplied by CFRA Happy Wanderers was of their usual high calibre and they were very generous with it. Mr. Milton Symington “called off” for the square dances which were executed with lots of zing. The Alexandra Club operated three refreshment booths which were well patronized.

Outside there was entertainment for non dancers as a number of games were set up and operated by members of the C. of C. This was the first dance to be sponsored by the C. of C. and while there was room for a larger attendance it was voted a very enjoyable evening and probably will be an annual.event. Bob Young held the lucky ticket on the main prize, a $25.00 voucher redeemable at any place of business operated by a member of the C. of C. The second prize, a small pig went to Arnold Pretty and Gary Houston and Bob Hudson were awarded costume prizes.

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