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The Hidden Gem in the Scottish Glen by Ted MacDonald


Scottish Glen Golf Course

Scottish Glen Golf Course does not have a magnificent clubhouse or 
manicured fairways but what it does have is a tremendous layout that 
uses the rolling hills and natural flow of the country side. I would say 
it's key features are changes in elevation, dogleg fairways and enough 
water here and there to make it an interesting and challenging course 
that you can play over and over again and not become bored in the least. 
It is also a very scenic course. Some times you just look around at the 
vista and say to yourself “this is beautiful”.

The course is a nine hole 3,065 yard par 36. Don't dismiss it just 
because it is a nine hole. It is challenging enough and a good workout 
if you decide to walk it. Prices are very reasonable at $15 on weekdays 
and $18 on weekends. Add $10 for a power cart. Bring cash as they don't 
take plastic yet.

The first hole is a 476 yard par 5. Downhill with a slight dogleg to the 
right. Trees on both sides and a pond with lots of bullfrogs on the 
right just before the green. If you can make the top of the hill at 
about 180 yards with your drive you will be in good shape for par. We 
shorter hitters just like to get over and a bit down the hill in two.

The second hole is a 329 yard par 4. You pull a u turn off the first 
green to get to the second tee. It is  back up the hill to an elevated 
green. The first 200 yards or so is pretty flat then strait up the hill 
and on to the green. If I get on top of the hill in two I am happy.

The third hole is a 152 yard par 3. Up the path to the elevated third 
tee. It is a sharp drop down about 35 feet just off the tee. The green 
is protected by a ball eating pond just in front referred to as Bart's 
big ball washer. There is a small bunker on the left. Due to the 35 feet 
drop in elevation I tend to play this more like a 125 yard depending on 
tee placement. Get on the green and you are good for par or better. Miss 
the narrow fairway or splash down in the pond and 5s and 6s come into play.

The fourth hole is a 375 yard par 4. The fairway is on the side of the 
hill that dominates the first three holes. If you hit on the left you 
will have an awkward side hill lie. The fairway doglegs left and you 
can't always see the pin after your drive. Small bunker on the right of 
the green. Because of the shape and slant and blind second shot of this 
fairway most tend to miss the green to the right.

The fifth hole is a 508 yard par 5. The fairway narrows about 100 yards 
off the tee and there are many balls in the shrubs there. I swallow my 
pride and play from the red tees on this hole. If you go too far right 
you can get into lots of trouble and I have seen some big scores from 
that side. There is a sixty  degree dogleg right at the end of fairway 
to make things even more interesting.

The sixth hole is a 370 yard par 4. It looks easier than it is. It 
narrows around 200 yards and there is a small creek there to catch your 
ball. Watch where you tee the ball as the tee box can slant to the right 
encouraging a slice into the woods.

The seventh hole is a 376 yard par 4. It is wide enough fairway but many 
balls seem to end up in the pine trees on the right. There is a large 
swampy area on the left. Scenic but if you put a ball in here you won't 
find it. The dominating feature of this whole is the pond/creek that 
crosses the fairway about 250 yards out. You have to decide to layup or 
go for the glory and try for the elevated green. Many a ball has found 
its way into the pond by a glory seeker.

The eight hole is a 177 yard par 3. From the tee down through a small 
valley then up to the green. Pine trees on the right and water on the 
left. There is a small creek about 140 yards out that also eats golf balls.

The ninth hole is a 300 yard par 4. Sharp drop off the tee to water and 
then up the hill to a ninety degree dogleg left. There are trees on the 
left and you can not see the flag from the tee or if you don't make it 
up the hill on your first swing. The big hitters try to go over the 
trees and land it blind on the green. They don't always make it. The 
green is the hardest on the course. Lots of slope. If you are putting 
downhill even a slow moving putt can roll ten feet past the hole. Three 
and even four putts are not unusual on the ninth.

They have recently opened a driving range and have a putting green where 
you can practice your game or just bring the kids to whack a bucket of 

Scottish Glen Golf Course is owned and operated by Bart and Carol 
Bennett and Family

On Facebook: 
1994 Scotch Corners Road
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 864-3783

Good Eats Survey of Carleton Place Restaurants — Thanks to The Ted Report



Carleton Place Restaurant Survey

Ted MacDonald did a survey of 28 local restaurants. He did not do the fast food on highway 7 but did do the main ones. Hopefully, he will become our regular food reporter. If he missed any restaurants let us know and he will do them. Ted is also featured as our person of the day!  Thank you Ted!

This was a lot of work so be gentle please..:) I am sure everyone has their opinions LOL

Here is how it goes. Restaurant name: Best dish 1 2 and 3 and then the Staff Favourite

House of Fong; Cantonese Chow Main; General Tso Chicken; Egg Rolls; Spicy Peanut Chicken

Good Companions; Cantonese Chow Main; Curry Chicken; General Tso Chicken; Egg Rolls

Dionysos; Souvlaki; Pita; Breakfast; Pikilias


The Good Food Company; Spinach Salad; Frittata; Pressed Beef and Cheddar Sandwich; Naan Pizza

Pizza Pizza; Pepperoni Pizza; Hawaiian Pizza; Double Cheese Burger; Vegitarian Pizza

Old Town Bakery; Egg Sandwich; Chicken Sandwich; Ham and Cheese Sandwich; Chicken Curry

Ginger Cafe; Summer Rolls; Sweet Potato Casserole; Chocolate Chive Cookies; Skor Cup

The Gourmet; Fish and Chips; Hot Turkey Sandwich; Club Sandwich; Lasagna

The Tap House; Quesadila; Cheese Burger; Breakfast; Chicken Caesar Wrap

Shawarma Place; Chicken Shawarma; Beef Shawarma; Donar; Chicken Shawarma

The Thruway; Chicken Bruschetta; Baby Beef Liver; Club House Sandwich; Breakfast

7 West; Honey Garlic Spareribs; Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls; Happy Family; Lemon Chicken

The Thirsty Moose; Wings; Barons; Fish and Chips; Chicken Cranberry Wrap

The Eating Place; Pizza; Breakfast; Club Sandwich; Home Made Soup


St. James Gate; Fish and Chips;Curry; Wings; BBQ Chicken Ranchero Salad

Spartan Pizza; Pizza,Souvlaki; Gyro; Gyro

Slackoni’s; Chicken Princepessa; Salmone Alla Griglia; Veal Portabella; Chicken Parmigiana

The Waterfront Gastro Pub; Fish and Chips; Carleton Club Sandwich; Waterfront Burger; Mushroom Fettucini

Hing Wah; Cantonese Chow Mein; Jar Doo Wings; Egg Rolls; Almond Chicken Soo Guy

The Queens; Fish and Chips; Nachos; Smoked Meat; Wings

Saigon Delight; Pad Thai; Vermicelli; Soups; Pho

Mr. Mozzarella; Pizza; Super Steak Sub; Bacon Crazy Poutine; Boneless Chicken Wings

Milano Pizza; Poutine; Chicken Wings; Steak Sub

Tim Horton’s; Cream of Broccoli Soup; Steak and Cheese Pannnini; Chili; Broccoli Soup

Subway; Cold Cut Sub; BMT Melt; Steak and Favourite Sub; Veggie Delight Sub

Domino’s; Pizza; Pasta; Wings; Pan Pizza

Fisherman’s Palace; Sweet and Sour Crispy Beef; Egg Rolls/Spring Rolls; General Tso Chicken; Hot and Sour Soup

Law & Orders: It’s all about the Burgers and Poutine Pizza-Home of the Rhippo Burger!

Dining With Ted MacDonald



If you read our Good Eats In Carleton Place blog today you will see that our very own Ted MacDonald worked his culinary butt off to visit all our local restaurants. With his survey, we now know what people love to eat in Carleton Place.  If you look on Facebook, there are three Ted MacDonald’s in the vicinity. One is a stage hand at Shameless Productions, and the other lives in Yellowknife and listens to Linkin Park. Since our very own Ted is not into heavy metal–(at least I think not) I knew he would be able to tell us a little about himself without breaking into a chorus from an AC/DC song. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Here are his delicious words about his culinary history.

My mother was a good cook of simple things. I remember good simple breakfasts of poached eggs, cheese omelets. We always looked forward to Sunday dinner, a roast beef, ham with pineapple or one my favorites
roast peppery pork and scalloped potatoes.

I started working at Statistics Canada in 1971. Many ethnic groups worked there and they introduced me to great ethnic foods. I remember having many wonderful authentic Chinese dishes on Somerset street. Maybe once a month we would go for dim sum which I love but have not had for awhile. I was also introduced to some of the many great Indian restaurants in Ottawa and grew to love a good spicy curry and that it is not just that horrible yellow stuff that comes in a jar. The next food that I fell in love with was Vietnamese soup or pho. Still one of my favorites and now we can get it Saigon Delight.

In 1978 I did a three month motorcycle tour of Europe with a couple of friends and sampled the cuisine of many countries as we traveled from England to Greece and back again. Interesting food and great beers.

The next big influence was my wife Gail. She also loved ethnic food and our first date was to an Indian restaurant in the Britannia area. Birthday parties with Gail’s family were always at an ethnic restaurant. Gail is a great cook of ethnic food so now I can have it at home. Gail also got me going to exotic French restaurants in Hull and Gatineau.

Thanks Ted! We have Lorne Hart tomorrow and Jamie from Law and Orders on Monday!