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‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’? Consolidated Tea Co. Sparks Street

‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’?  Consolidated Tea Co. Sparks Street
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 May 1894, Tue  •  Page 3
145 Sparks Street

Remember when you were growing up, and you’d find a prize inside your cereal box? Prizes, premiums and box-top offers have been a staple of modern marketing since the 1800s.

In May of 1894 J. P. Jones, a farmer in Almonte, sent in a club order of $5 for six cans to the Consolidated Tea Company at 145 Sparks Street in Ottawa. In one he found a lady’s solid gold chatelaine (jewelled watch) and in another a genuine diamond ruby and sapphire lace pin solid gold setting.

The Consolidated Co. opened a store at 145 Sparks street, having rented the store for one year, and for for twenty days they sold cans of a choice blend of tea containing souvenirs, such a genuine diamond, ruby, pearl, emerald and sapphire jewellery set in solid gold; also ladies’ and gents solid gold, silver and nickel watches of best make. 

The store of the Consolidated Tea, Company, 145 Sparks street, was at different times crowded Saturday, May 24, 1894 with eager purchasers. Hundreds were thrilled as they found themselves the owner of a genuine diamond set in solid gold or a ladies’ or gents’ solid gold watch that was supposedly found in a can purchased for one dollar. Every can contained something — maybe not a gold watch or a jewel– but there was something else besides the tea.

One has to wonder or do we how they could afford such prizes in cans of tea– but it was all about marketing. It was today’s vision of a pop up store– in for a limited amount of time– — make as much money as possible, and leave.

By June things were not going swimmingly for the store and people were complaining and filing complaints to the police that they were bring swindled. In the notes section is one case one one gent who filed a police report complaining he did not get a gold watch. Everyone wants something for nothing and I bet my last dollar those items they were giving away were not real gold or precious stones. But no one made mention of that. They handed over refunds and let people change boxes sometimes– to keep the arguments down. Even the store’s lawyer said they should stop doing such business– but it was their marketing and theirs alone. I could not find anything after June so I assume they ended up closing shop. However, 145 Sparks Street was a space that people came and went except for the Tea Garden. For years and decades there seemed to be a host of businesses.

Speaking of tea, Red Rose issued collectable cards from 1959 to 1975, featuring such things as songbirds, dinosaurs and butterflies. Beginning in 1967, Red Rose also offered figurines to collectors, and continues to do so to this day. If your mom or dad drank tea as a kid, chances are that you had some of those little ceramic tea figurines lying around the house. According to the company’s website, over the years, over 300 million of these little figurines have been given away with tea.

Do you know how the tiny porcelain give away animal started? When sales for porcelain electrical insulators went down, the company needed something else to sell. The figurines were first distributed with tea in Canada in the year 1967. It wasn’t until 1983 that the figurines made their way to the United States.

Sparks StreetO’Connor StreetGarland Buildingsources
Library & Archives Canada

When I was a kid, my father used the kitchen bottom drawer and it was filled to the top with-the tops from Mark Ten cigarettes. We had 100s! You could order items from a catalogue in exchange for the coupons. I think all those flap tops got me a small paint by number set LOLOL


The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
06 Jun 1894, Wed  •  Pag

Lost Ottawa
September 28, 2018 · 
Stéphane McKenzie shares a double shot of Sparks Street, circa 1960, when it was still a summer-only pedestrian mall.
Looks like a set up for a ceremony across from the Centre Theatre on the left, and the corner of Sparks and O’Connor on the right.
That nice building on the right with the Tea Garden Restaurant, would soon be knocked down.
Clipping from The Ottawa Journal - Newspapers.com
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
23 Oct 1926, Sat  •  Page 3
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
26 Aug 1925, Wed  •  Page 19
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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07 Jun 1879, Sat  •  Page 4

May Proulx for President of your Next Tea Party!– Carleton Place Farmer’s Market



The Tea Party in the United States may have a presidential candidate in Donald Trump, but the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market has everyone’s best choice in a tea party representative—May Proulx.

Have you ever gone to see what is in all those gold bags she sells each week? Yes, she has spices, but mostly what she sells is what everyone could use a few times a day. Tea!


How many cups of tea can you drink a day? The President Emeritus for Research of American Health Foundation is now 90 years of age and drinks 8 cups of tea a day. I would say that’s a good reason! Most studies use the range of 4~6 cups a day to study the effects on weight loss, artery health, cancer prevention, bone preservation, and other health focuses. Many indicate that the more cups of tea you drink, the more obvious the health effects.

Whatever ails you- just march on down to see May Proulx at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market and does she have a tea for you! Or, invite the neighbours over for a cuppa of one of her delicious tea and some biscuits.


You just have to go smell her natural blended teas. Her Passion Fruit is to die for, and with names like Apricot Sensation and Cinnamon Apple– well– need I say anymore? Drinking four or more cups of tea every day could be more beneficial than drinking water, scientists have said. They say that tea not only rehydrates you as well as water does, but it can also offer protection against heart disease and cancer.

I say you drop in and say howdy to May Proulx so you she can help you get your thrills– after drinking her Blueberry Hill tea.

MayMay’s Tea inc.

May Proulx


“Shop The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market —- Because there is no place like home!”

Carleton Place Farmer’s Market

7 Beckwith St.
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 809-0660

830 am to 1230 am

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Buy Linda Secaspina’s Books— Flashbacks of Little Miss Flash Cadilac– Tilting the Kilt-Vintage Whispers of Carleton Place and 4 others on Amazon or Amazon Canada or Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street in Carleton Place

Ladies on Ice Invite Everyone to Ladies Who Lunch June 6th


Actual photos from our area…These are some of our local gals on our Mississippi River in the dead of winter enjoying themselves and bringing their own ice home.


This is an OLD invite to a ball at the Town Hall where Ladies Who Lunch will be held June 6th in Carleton Place. Let’s just say we are extending the invitation personally.  ONLY 40 TICKETS LEFT.. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS TODAY!


Nothing like schmoozing over tea and tiny delectables with other business women


In the old days women used calling cards to form a friendship. Not many things have changed in that respect, so bring your cards and network with others June 6th. ONLY 40 TICKETS LEFT.. CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS TODAY!

Thanks Dave for the first photo!!