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May Proulx for President of your Next Tea Party!– Carleton Place Farmer’s Market



The Tea Party in the United States may have a presidential candidate in Donald Trump, but the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market has everyone’s best choice in a tea party representative—May Proulx.

Have you ever gone to see what is in all those gold bags she sells each week? Yes, she has spices, but mostly what she sells is what everyone could use a few times a day. Tea!


How many cups of tea can you drink a day? The President Emeritus for Research of American Health Foundation is now 90 years of age and drinks 8 cups of tea a day. I would say that’s a good reason! Most studies use the range of 4~6 cups a day to study the effects on weight loss, artery health, cancer prevention, bone preservation, and other health focuses. Many indicate that the more cups of tea you drink, the more obvious the health effects.

Whatever ails you- just march on down to see May Proulx at the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market and does she have a tea for you! Or, invite the neighbours over for a cuppa of one of her delicious tea and some biscuits.


You just have to go smell her natural blended teas. Her Passion Fruit is to die for, and with names like Apricot Sensation and Cinnamon Apple– well– need I say anymore? Drinking four or more cups of tea every day could be more beneficial than drinking water, scientists have said. They say that tea not only rehydrates you as well as water does, but it can also offer protection against heart disease and cancer.

I say you drop in and say howdy to May Proulx so you she can help you get your thrills– after drinking her Blueberry Hill tea.

MayMay’s Tea inc.

May Proulx


“Shop The Carleton Place Farmer’s Market —- Because there is no place like home!”

Carleton Place Farmer’s Market

7 Beckwith St.
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 809-0660

830 am to 1230 am

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Anywhere she goes with her pop-up boutique on wheels, Teri White creates a unique environment. She treats her customers to what you can’t find locally at prices you can actually afford. Whether it be home or office trunk shows, or even fundraising opportunities–Teri created Swirlicious to meet the needs of the person who wants something special that is hand stamped.

Teri listens to what people want, and delivers products that women love. “It’s not all about me,” as she says, so her one-of-a-kind hand stamped pieces lets your imagination run wild. Her exceptional flair for design and attention to detail make each item as special as you.

Your local source for garlic and a wide variety of custom hand made products – soaps, fabric crafts, Infused salts, wood and glass art.



Everyday, individuals gain confidence in their images and project that confidence to others by working one-on-one with Putting It Together image consultant Michelle Horne.

You, too, can learn how to effectively translate your authentic personality into an image that conveys the right messages in any situation, be it personal or professional. Learn how image consulting from Putting It Together can help you.

Michelle Horne, AICI CIP

Michelle Horne helps clients learn to “get it together” everyday. As President of Putting It Together Image Consulting, she works with individuals to define their style identity and use that image to create success in professional and personal situations. Michelle is known for her thoughtful, thorough, but always fun approach to helping clients take ownership of their authentic images.

Equator Coffee Almonte

What We Do

We are a small-scale roaster located just outside of Ottawa in a little town called Almonte.  That’s where we roast all of our coffee; it’s also where we have a cafe and our offices.  In December 2014, we opened up cafe in Ottawa (Westboro Village) but the primary focus of our business is and has always been roasting and wholesaling coffee to cafes, restaurants and grocery stores in the Ottawa Valley and beyond.  Our coffee is 100% organic specialty coffee.  We source directly from small-scale producer cooperatives through our own roaster-member co-op, Cooperative Coffees.  Co-op Coffees is a green coffee importing co-op made up of 23 like-minded roasters throughout North America.   Through the co-op, we are privileged to have direct, transparent, and sustainable relationships with our trading partners.

Equator's Original 10k Toper Roaster

How We Began

Equator Coffee Roasters was founded in 1998 by Craig and Amber Hall. Craig had just completed a degree in International Development from Trent University where he learned all about the exploitation of small-scale farmers in the coffee industry.  He also saw the beginnings of a Fair Trade Movement hoping to make a difference in that industry. He wanted to take part in it. Craig realized that by providing high quality fair trade and organic coffee, we, the privileged North, could begin to help our neighbours in the South, thus “Equate”ing the benefit for all – inspiration for our name! Craig, Amber, and the Equator team continue to work directly with farmers and have visited cooperatives in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Peru, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

We love beautiful things.  Shoes, jewellery, home decor.  We sell unique, hard to find brands like Fly London, Miz Mooz & ART.

We are Colleen Hewitt and Christine Hemsley. After owning our own shops, we decided to knock down the wall in between us & create one big shopping experience.

Visit us at Heritage Court on Mill Street.  Stop and have a Crepe at Mill St. Crepe Company and wander the lovely stores that are our neighbors.



Nathalie Bouchard Farmer & jewelry designer GentleCraft Studio

Handcrafted wire sculpture jewelry made with love.




                                                                At Springside Hall after the tea



Sheena Brady -Tea Sommelier & Owner/Operator of Tease Tea

Luxury tea blends for all of your desires. Tea for every mood, feeling or health goal, designed by our certified tea sommelier. If you or someone you know is getting married and are looking for the ultimate unique gift for your guests, ask me how I can create a one of a kind tea for you. A tea that reflects the ‘blending’ of you and your partner into marriage.


Meet Jennifer Bennett from Younique- You have never seen a product like this before. honestly, and I would not lie to you. Get longer, thicker lashes without hard-to-apply falsies or expensive extensions with this fabu-LASH 3D Fiber Mascara! You will be gobsmacked.