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T.N. McLean Livestock Sales Barn, Perth- Memories- Stuart McIntosh

T.N. McLean Livestock Sales Barn, Perth- Memories- Stuart McIntosh

Special thanks to Alvin Dobbie for sharing this photo of the T.N.McLean Livestock Sales Barn,Perth.- Stuart McIntosh

Special thanks to Alvin Dobbie for sharing this 1952 photo of Elmer Haley and Cecil. Trucking livestock. Stuart McIntosh

Perth Remembered

T.N. McLEAN LIMITED LIVESTOCK SALES BARN located on the Christie Lake Road. Anyone who grew up on a farm in Lanark County would certainly have come here on many Thursday afternoons. Trucks laden with farm animals of every description could be seen on the roads of Lanark County making their way to the auction. The operation first started in 1951. Anyone have any stories or memories of the Sales Barn? When did the operation cease?

Fred Dobbie

last sale july 1989 8 head of cattle sold

Elaine DeLisle

My Uncle Tom Spence worked there for many years. We went with my dad all the time. Some of the women from out this way still go to town on Thursday…..ha ha Sale barn day.

Joyce Thomas

Remember it well and many times came home with a calf in the back seat of a car between my sister and me . It would be in a burlap bag with its head sticking out!!

Wendy Stanton-Gray

My Mom (Doreen White) ran the canteen for a number of years before it closed, I used to go and help her on occasion.

Debbie Sargeant

Dorreen White and her amazing pies…..

Julie Nagle

Alf Moore built the sale barn

Stephen Fortner

Not the sales barn……but as a kid……we use to watch the steers get loaded on to the box cars down on the siding by the railway station. Every Saturday afternoon! lol…….that was a high point in the summer for us to do. Ride our bikes down and watch this

Cathy Hansen

My Grandfather, who farmed in Assiniboia, Sask. sold cattle to TN McLean. The cattle where shipped to Perth and sold at the Sales Barn

Jim Brownlee

Went there with my Dad a few times. Sometimes we would send cattle with Jack Izatt who went almost every Thursday.

Heather Revill

I was there once only with my father Alex Montgomery.Dad owned the East End Grocery store for a few years after W.W.2. It was well known for it’s meat counter. I wasn’t sure why we were there and I didn’t want to know. At age 6 or 7 I felt sorry for the animals, started crying and was promptly taken home!

John Henry Holliday

Remember being there with my Grandfather a farmer from Merricksville

Nicole Mardon

I spent many days at the sale barn with my Grandma White and my mom Peggy King who cooked there!!! I would go back a 1000 times if it was still around.

Laurie White Griecken

My grandma used to cook and bake in the canteen

Irene Tysick

I ‘m not sure when the sale barn closed but some of the farmers wanted to buy shares and keep it going but it did’nt happen. I remember my Dad buying pails of peanut butter ‘ jam ‘ corn syrup and honey from a sales man there back in the 1950s

Malcolm Kurt Penfold

Dad used to work there part time until the mid 1960s. Loved the smell of his sales barn cloths he hung in the room downstairs under the garage.

Stacy Lee Kehoe

I went a few times, last time was early 80’s with our Grandpa Kehoe. We brought a calf home in a the trunk. Lol

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Turning left at the corner we come to Bethel United Church, built in 1895.  In the year 1888 a log church had been erected on a plot of ground purchased from William Richard McLean for $5 but this building was later moved to be replaced by the current structure.

(This article is continued in the June 23, 1966 issue.)  The farm at the cross roads belongs to William Richard McLean and has been in the family since 1820.  Opposite the church and high on a hill is the home of James Coutts.  This land originally belonged to Archie Morrison and was passed on to his son David Morrison and to his son James Morrison.

To the left of the Ferry road is the McLean farm now occupied by Ian McLean, son of the late T.N. McLean.  This land has been in the McLean family for five generations having been granted originally to Dr. John McLean of Dumfries, Scotland, a surgeon in the Royal Navy of England, a distinguished scholar and man of letters.  In 1813 he came out on a commission appointment by the British government and headed by Admiral Bayfield.  Their duties were to survey around Lake Superior and across the Canadian border into Michigan.

In reward for his services, Dr. McLean was granted the land on which he homesteaded and upon which he made his home until he died.  Admiral Bayfield’s sword and other personal possessions are in the Canadian Museum in Montreal and two cities in Michigan perpetuate his name.

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