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Sorry, Canada isn’t Accepting American Refugees!


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A few years ago I wrote a story about what Americans might expect if they moved to Canada when Obama won the election. Today, U.S. President Barack Obama said he would veto a Republican bill that would slow the process of bringing Syrian refugees into the country. Guess what? Our neighbours to the south of us are whispering about ROOTS parkas once again.

Whether threatening to move to Canada is meant to punish the U.S. or Canada is unclear, but it is a refrain Canadians have heard before. Actually, I am still dusting off a room waiting for the influx that said they’d move here if gay marriage was allowed in the US–even though gay marriage has been legal here for more than a decade!

If our southern neighbours bothered to read the news from outside their country — they’d know that Canada has also accepted Syrian refugees. So coming here isn’t going to make much difference, besides, you have to be pretty dense if you think you can just waltz across the border and settle here. Is it just me or does anybody else realize that they too would become refugees?

Has anyone broke the news of our gun laws to the American’s yet? Should we line the borders and beat them back with our health cards, or use the polar bears from our backyards?

Did you know 1 in every 100 adult Americans are in prison right now, and 1 in 3 have a criminal record. Americans kill more Americans each year in their own country than any terrorist in the same. Would we ever know if a gun nut might come across the border disguising themselves as a normal American?  Is it just me or is beginning to feel like the Alamo?

Honestly, the price of cigarettes alone will keep those folks down south–never mind our gun laws or single payer health care. My point is this – we are a nation of immigrants, and no matter how hard some of us complain if we are to defeat terrorism, we must take the high road.  Even at some risk, we must show the world our love and compassion, not our hatred and fear

So to the Americans that are quickly approaching the border—sorry all full up. Please feel free to apply somewhere else–try Mexico or Alaska. Genius has its limits but stupidity has none.

By the way– anyone from Florida or California coming? I will trade you homes for the winter!