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Meet the Beckwitch at Swirlicious and Friends Annual Shopping Event!


Look what’s coming to Swirlicious and Friends Annual Shopping Event at 151 Bridge Street in Carleton Place on October 31! THIS ISN’T A CRAFT SHOW– THIS IS A SHOPPPPING EVENT:)

Yesterday I wrote about the Witches of Rochester Street. Most of that story was true, with the exception of Martha Stewart. As far as I know, Martha’s spatula has never hit the town lines. Last week however, I met the closest I will ever come to pioneer sustainable agriculture advocate Alice Waters. If you have never heard about her, it is because she is an icon in the United States.

Water’s philosophy is that cooking should be based on the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients that are produced sustainably and locally. She is a passionate advocate for a food economy that is “good, clean, and fair.” For nearly forty years, her restaurant, Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, Ca. has helped create a community of scores of local farmers and ranchers whose dedication to sustainable agriculture assures the restaurant a steady supply of fresh and pure ingredients.

Our local “Beckwitches” are actually comprised of husband and wife Penny and Greg Foster. They make their products together, and have even involved their children into their business. In addition to the soaps and hand made goods, they also branched out to garlic and heirloom vegetables. This year The Beckwitch grew glass gem corn, about 15 varieties of tomatoes, and all their own hot peppers for their infused salts.

Greg and Penny are Beaver leaders with 1st Beckwith Beavers. They are also giving their garden education to the Beaver colony as well. They already brought them to the dairy farm to give them a taste of farming and they even milked the cows.They have five children ages 2 through 18, and built their forever home at the front of the family dairy farm.


The Beckwitch’s concept was built on upcycling and being environmentally responsible. They try and buy local where they can, they re purpose as much as possible (chip bag pouches for instance) and want to promote edible propagation. They harvest and preserve most everything, dehydrate what they can’t and are known to gift their produce within the community to others.

This gifting concept led them to another idea – The “Free in CP – Gracious Giving and Receiving” FaceBook Group. They have almost 300 members as of today (all local to CP) and the group runs on kindness and kind words – and everything is free! It is a free cycling group with manners (and they do enforce it!). They have met so many individuals through their group and believe it is bringing the community together, not to mention reducing waste in our landfills. The Free in CP group has also provided Penny an avenue to request needed items for her Angel Gowns, where she makes angel gowns and wraps for babies born too soon or still from donated wedding gowns.

In 1996, Alice Water’s commitment to education led to the creation of The Edible Schoolyard at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School: a one-acre garden, an adjacent kitchen-classroom, and an “eco-gastronomic” curriculum. By actively involving a thousand students in all aspects of the food cycle, The Edible Schoolyard is a model public education program that instills the knowledge and values we need to build a humane and sustainable future.
Her first school garden project was at St. Gregory’s school in Carleton Place where she helped 277 students make classroom gardens. There was themes like: pizza garden, herb garden and perennial garden, with the hopes that she can convince the schools to make outdoor gardens at each school.

This serves many purposes as it not only taught the students about edible propagation but high school students manage the gardens over the summer and earn their volunteer credits too. Jessica Pettes, (wife of Chef Dusty Pettes) graciously offered to assist her with the school garden projects.

If this wasn’t enough, Penny also works full time as a senior analyst with National Defence and a full time graduate student at the University of Ottawa. This is her fourth university degree. Her previous research pursuits were on a gendered perspective of mentoring women, and she is an academic and a published author of two peer reviewed articles on the subject. Her current research through the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa involves the gendered perspectives of entrepreneurial identity, to help contribute to women specific business research.

What do Greg and Penny do in their spare time? According to Penny they sleep sometimes!

The Beckwitch

522 9th Line East
Carleton Place, Ontario

The Wonder Woman of the Carleton Place Farmer’s Market at Swirlicious and Friends Annual Shopping Event!


Look what’s coming to Swirlicious and Friends Annual Shopping Event at 151 Bridge Street in Carleton Place on October 31!gwen1

This is how Gwen Thirlwall would like everyone to think she is— into peace love and nature. Yes, she is hardworking, loves her family, and a great baker. Of course she has all these qualities– but Gwen is holding out on everyone. Oh yes she is! She has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.


Gwen has a secret life as a super hero! She is right up there with all those women that kick ass! A few weeks ago her son accidentally dropped his glasses into the depths of the murky Mississippi. What to do? I know what I would have done. I would not have gone into those “greenhouse growing” waters. No telling what was in there. If you read my piece this week on “The Shark of Carleton Place” you will know what I am talking about Willis. But no, in the middle of town she stripped down, dove in, and got those glasses back. How cool is this woman?


Not only does she have super hero powers she can bake like no tomorrow. What does she bake?

Gluten-Free Baby!

Living with celiac disease is not easy if you do not read labels carefully. Sometimes I think the grain companies are playing a bad joke on us as more and more people are being diagnosed with it.


I have written a few stories about suffering with Celiac Disease and I don’t know about you, but pie is my number one food group and if I could, I would live on it for the rest of my life. I try to ignore these goodies calling out my name, but sometimes it just isn’t easy. That is where Gwen comes in. She is also a fairy princess to those of us that suffer— granting us our wishes of pie, bread and brownies. Gwen Thirlwall is always here to save the day- whether it be diving into the Mississippi or baking a gluten free cherry pie. What a woman!

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