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Notes About Sugar on Snow


20090406-sugaronsnow4To make, simply bring some fresh maple syrup to a boil and cook until it reaches a temp of 235.  If it’s not hot enough, it will be runny – if it gets too hot, it will become candy!  Once you’ve reached the correct temperature, simply drizzle the hot syrup over a pan of packed snow.  Grab a fork or a spoon and dig in!


1. Collect snow from winter storm. Store somewhere safe. My father insisted on using day old snow and we had no idea who had stepped on it– or better yet peed on it outside.   I always told him to take the snow from the top of a car to make sure it was unadulterated.

2. Make maple syrup. Heat until bubbly and pour over fresh snow.

3. Devour.


The warm syrup crystallizes when reacting with the cold ice. What starts as a stretchy taffylike texture gradually becomes rock hard. At this point, the plastic spoons they give you are pretty helpless. The whole experience feels very Little House on the Prairie.



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