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Marks Received by Students At Almonte High School Who Tried Christmas Tests— January 1960– Names Names Names

Marks Received by Students At Almonte High School Who Tried Christmas Tests— January 1960– Names Names Names

1959-1960 ADHS — with Susan Elliott Topping.

The following are the marks received by students in Grade
XIII according to reports issued on January 8th, 1960.

(F) means that the student has failed to make 50% on the examination.

Barnes, Kathy: Chemistry, 58;
Botany, 71; Latin Authors, 65; Latin Comp., 65; French Authors, 67;
French Comp., 67; History, 78;
English Literature, 67; English
Composition; 79.

Bogaerts, Judy: Chemistry (F);
Botany, 66; French Authors, 76;
French Comp., 54; History, 65;
Eng. Lit. 57; Eng. Comp. 63.

Bradley, Erma: Chem. (F); Bot.
54; Zoology 73; Fr. Auth. 61;; Fr.
Comp. (F); Hist. 59; Eng. Lit. 67;
Eng. Comp. 66.

Egan, Gwen: Algebra, (F);
Chemistry, (F); Botany, 59; Zoology, 61; French Auth., 50; Freneh
Comp., 50; Eng. Lit., 76; English
Comp., 59.

Martin, Alice: Botany, 66; Zoology, 80; Latin Comp., 73; History,
85; Eng. Lit., 71; Eng. Comp., 62.

Shaver, Judy: Chemistry, 60;
Zoology, 81; Freneh Auth., 69;
French Comp., 85; History, 71;
English Comp., 82; Eng. Lit., 77.

Thompson, Joyce: Geometery,
57; Trig., (F); Physics, (F>; Chemistry, 50; French Auth., 80; Fr.
Comp., 59; Eng. Comp., 68; Eng.
Lit. 77.

Doherty, Neil: Geom., 70; Trig.,
61; Botany (F); Latin Authors, 66;
Latin Comp., 75.

Blair, David: Geom. 62; Chem.
52; History 50; Eng. Comp. 53;
Eng. Lit. (F).

Cochran, J.: Algebra (F); Phys.,
64; Chem. 58; Fr. Authors 73; Fr.
Comp. (F); Eng. Comp. 51; Eng.
Lit. 57.

Forsythe, Fred: Algebra 59;
Geom. 67; Trig. 60; Physics 71;
Chem. 53; History 72.

France, Alexander: Geom. 70;
Trig. 69; Physics 56; History 82.

Gale, Alan: Botany (F); Zoology
(F); History 58; Eng. Comp. 56;
Eng. Lit. 58.

Giles, Harold: Algebra 56;’
Geom. 62; Trig. (Fi; Physics 50;
Chem. (F); Fr. Authors 64; Fr.
Comp. 53; Eng. Comp. 60; Eng.
Lit. 57.

Gilchrist, Wilf: Alg. 61; Geom.
82; Trig. 83; Physics 64; Chem. 77;
Eng. Comp. 65; Eng. Lit. 72.

Hourigan, John: Alg. 70; Physics
68; Zoology (F); Hist. (F).

James, Carl: Alg. (F); Geom. 54;
Trig. (F); Physics 66; Chem. 60;
History 67; Eng. Comp. 63; Er.g.
Lit. 58.

Langford, Wayne: Alg. (F);
Geom. 76; Trig. 76; Physcis 74; Fr.
Authors 61.

Lawrence, Chas.: Alg. (F>; Physics (F); Chem. (F); History (F);
Eng. Comp. 52; Eng. Lit. (F); Trig.
Levitan, Richard: Geom. 51;
Trig. 53; Physics 57; Chem. 60;
Lat. Authors 51; Latin Comp. 66;
Hist. 71; Eng. Comp. 71; Eng. Lit.

Love, John: Alg. (F); Geom. (F);
Trig. OF); Physics 56; Eng. Comp.
IF); Eng. Lit. (F).-

McEwen, Murray: Chem. (F);
Bot. (F); Hist. (F); Eng..Comp. 55;
Eng. Lit. (F).

McKinstry, Bob: Alg. 50; Geom.
79; Trig. 68; Phy. 69; Chem. 53;
Hist. 55; Eng. Comp. 58; Eng. Lit.

McMuIlan, James: Chem. (F)Hist. 52; Eng. Comp. 52; Ertg. Lit. (F).

Martin, Gerald: Geom. (Fi; Trig. 62; Phy. 51; Fr. Auth. 66; Fr. Comp. 61; Hist. 80,

Middleton, Robert: Alg. (F); Geom. 54; Trig. (F); Phy. 50; Chem. 51; Hist. 57; Eng. Comp. 70; Eng. Lit. . ‘

Royce, Delmer; Alg. 61 Geom. 67; Trig. 66; Phy. 52; Chem. 63; Hist. 68; Eng. Comp.'(F); Eng. Lit. (F). ..

Rump, Edward: Alg. (Fi; Geom. (F); Trig. 50; Phy. (F); Chem. (F); Eng. Comp. 50; Eng. Lit. (F).

Scott, Alex: Geom. 87; Trig. 59; Phy. 75; Chem. 80; Lat. Auth. 78; Lat. Comp. 74; Fr. Auth 72 Fr. Comp. 74; Eng. Comp. 53; Eng. Lit. 67.

Snedden, Don: Alg. 86; Geom. 90; Trig. 83; Phy. 86; Chem. 90; Fr. Auth. 73; Fr. Comp. 85; Eng. Comp. 74 Eng. Lit. 74.

Stewart, Alex: Lat. Auth. (F); Lat, Comp. 50; Fr. Auth. 75; Fr. Comp. 74; Eng. Comp. 78; Eng. Lit. (F).

Thompson, Robert: Chem. (F) Bot. 66; Zoology 70; Lat. Auth. 68; Lat. Comp. 64; Fr. Auth. 70; Fr. Comp. 59; Eng. Lit. 78.

Warren, John: Geom. (F); Trig. (F); Chem. (F); Bot. 54; Fr. Auth. 58; Fr. Comp. .

Cochran, Margaret: Bot. (F); Zoology 57; Hist. 66; Eng. Comp. 62; Eng. Lit. 64.

Duncan, Paula: Bot. (F); Zoology (F). Dixon, Rhonda: Bot. (F); Zoology 74; Eng. Comp. 56; Eng. Lit. 57.

Doherty, Jerene: Bot. 53.

Johnson, Peggy: Bot. (F).

Rintoul, Donna: Bot. 63.

Versteeg, Gemma; Bot. 56.

McEwen, Douglas: Bot. (F>; Eng. C. 55; Eng. Lit. (F).

Thanks to the scrapbook of Lucy Connelly Poaps ADHS cheerleaders 1960-1961

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Carleton Place High School Photo 1954-1955 Name those Students- Larry Clark

Carleton Place High School Photo 1954-1955 Name those Students- Larry Clark

LindaThese photos are a scan of a picture I recently received from my sister Eleanore Eliopoulis. I put as many names to the individuals as I can remember but they are not all accurate due to the more than 60 years that have passed since that time. Some names that I think should be there are missing because I am not sure.. Faye Robertson, Beverly Emerson etc. I, of course, am not in the photo as  (for whatever reason) I always managed to avoid these photo sessions. I don’t see John Clifford, Sam Saunders, Wayne Ormrod-

BUT there must be some of us left from that era that would be able to add some names. I will eventually get the photo to Jennifer-if she is interested, and perhaps it can be restored somewhat. From time to time I will go back to the photo as some name or other pops up for no reason, ie. I struggled over “Pauline Burns”, whom I recognized but for the longest time, her name escaped me but when I opened the photo this morning-there it was. I hope I am right. There are many others that I knew but still struggling with the names.

Like us all Larry and thank you and Eleanore!

Ray Paquette said:

Because of the technology available at the time, the picture was taken twice: the left hand side and then the right. This provided an opportunity for the late Bill Hendry to appear in his assigned position on the left then to quickly speed to the right side and reappear standing and smiling impishly, appearing in the photo twice!!!

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Back to School at the Victoria School in Carleton Place 1919



Photo from Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum— This building welcomed back students after their summer break! This photo of the Junior Fourth Grade at Victoria School (now the Museum) was taken in 1919. The teacher was Miss McLaren, and students included Harry Garvin, R. Virtue, Hiram McCann, Bessie Lewis, Dorothy Devine, Bessie Nesbitt, Dorothy Machin, Hazel Galipeau, Maudie Cuddleford, Grace Reynolds, Jean Bennett, Mary Jordan, Margaret Findlay, Marjorie Connors, Veronica Lehay, Gladys Powell, Dorothy Bowland, Dora Macklem, Chrissie Stewart, B. Herriott, Dorothy Stanzel, Rita Wilson, Mona Culbertson, E. Arbuckle, Rita Lowe and Ralph Muirhead.

 - Much- Much- to theregret of the board of...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 10 Apr 1908, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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