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The Beer Bottle Time Capsule on Emily Street?

The Beer Bottle Time Capsule on Emily Street?
Photo Adin Wesley Daigle

Hey Linda, hope all is well we found this beer bottle in the wall upstairs while renovations commence here at the Daigle house. I thought maybe someone would recognize the names on it .

It says “Crammy” “Snidley” and “Emmat”

Anyone know???

Date of the bottle?

This is a longneck bottle so after 1983….

When Canadian breweries made the switch from stubby to longneck in 1983, each company had its own distinctive bottle. The decision to switch was made for marketing reasons. Sales were flat, and the major brewers thought a new bottle shape could give sales the boost they needed.

Molson shelled out a whopping $18 million to convert its bottling machines.

Reaction to the longneck was mixed. Some beer drinkers liked the new bottle for its style and feel. Others, however, resisted the Americanization of the beer bottle and lamented the loss of the little stubby.

In a Food in Canada article titled “Bring back the stubby!” writer David Menzies reveals that the stubby was almost resurrected in 1992 when Canadian brewing companies met to re-set the standard dimensions of the longneck. The stubby was passed over, however, when focus groups showed that women preferred the longneck to the stubby.

this logo dates back to at least as early as 1861. Molson had several brands that used this crown & anchor device before 1900. And a crown & anchor design that is pretty much the same still appears on our Stock Ale brand today. Which doesn’t really answer the question about the bottle opener, since this design has been around for quite a long time

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