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The Disappearing Street Signs of Carleton Place





A few Carleton Place folks called it the “Great Canadian Cover Up” in the 60s. Of course some say if you live with things long enough you just get used to it. Today if you asked the average resident where the location of Elgin Street or Little Napoleon Street was they wouldn’t know. A few years ago I finally found out the story of what happened to Elgin Street, and according to town officials those Carleton Place Streets just do not exist anymore.

Forgotten streets once existed, and they are now gone and really —that is the least of the town’s worries. But, did you know that in 1969 80% of the local streets had no signs? Former mayor Arnold Julian assured his constituents that most of the street signs were once there, but they had gained wear from too many years and fallen off.  Things were getting so testy about the subject that the man in charge of signs, traffic and a lot of whatever, Ted Tromanhauser, refused to comment on the subject.

As the townsfolk began to repeatedly call the town hall on the subject Mayor Julian decided that in the summer of 1969 things would change. New signs would be ordered, and instead of nailing them to corner houses they would think hard about mounting them on pole mounted signs.

As for what happened to some of those streets like Elgin and Little Napoleon Street they never really did vanish- they just went incognito under another name. Heck, someone just decided to change the name, and really, you can always change the name, or paint over it, but history always remains the same.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Sign, sign



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