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While You Were Sleeping —-The Storyland Bunny Moves to the Hi Diddle Day House

While You Were Sleeping —-The Storyland Bunny Moves to the Hi Diddle Day House



Perry the powerhouse of the production–  All Photos by Schuyleur (Skyler) Seccaspina– that was his job– like his mother– photographer and document for history.

It began about 9 pm last night on Lake Ave. East in Carleton Place. I came downstairs not wanting to watch the Warriors game and there my two sons were in the garage with heavy tools. I immediately thought some repossession deal might be coming down. I don’t know what goes on these days with all these TV reality shows– who knows what’s going to be ravaged and plundered.

Being a concerned mother I asked them point blank why one had an axe and the other one had a giant plundering tool which some call a mallet.  They said they needed them and nothing else was said. When your kids are over 30 you don’t ask and just hope to heck you don’t get a call at 3 am in the morning. I waved goodbye and called it a day.



PGAC_20131003_Final_ACP19_01_I001_Content (1).jpg

My boys 1990  and 2013–last photo InsideOttawaValley.com 2013





At 10:45 PM my sons return asking for the front gate key. Okay… and then I said, “Am I getting the Storyland Bunny to look after?” Last time I asked Sky for said bunny was the day of the Storyland auction, and I knew the word “No” was always on the table. Perry being the muscle of the production roared up the street in a tiny bulldozer and all of us stood there being eaten by mosquitoes while he wheeled Mr. Bunny in. Steve was trying to cut a big Pine branch down and Perry just yelled,”Lower it a bit!” and he snapped it in half. Canadian Tire should use Perry as their advertising man for their power tools. He would give that guy “Gary” a run for his money.




The boys are always busy looking after their Dad’s business and and leasing and space at Motorhouse  has been rented to Ford (across the street) now by the family company Maniplex. Stay tuned, the boys are always up to something, and I knew their Dad would be happy to see the Bunny moved to the family home yard. Mom most certainly is.



Thanks Sky and Perry for allowing me to babysit him–  Mum is thrilled. As Steve says: “There is never a dull moment around here at Hi Diddle Day House!”






 As you know the Balderson Cow is nicknamed Baldy Welsh after Carleton Place’s iconic paddler from the Canoe Club. The Storyland Bunny is now named the Storyland Ballygiblin Bunny now he is residing in Carleton Place. Thanks Ted Hurdis and a high five from Lynette Stanfield!
Selena Connah We were wondering what the noise was! I can’t wait to show my kids that it’s there and my daughter will be happy she always says the cow needed a friend lol!

Diana Ani Stokely– looks like an arrest

Angie Mills Last night Matt and I heard the craziest sound coming from right outside… “what’s going on??!!!” I ran outside expecting to see monster trucks or army tanks and instead… GIANT BUNNY!!!!
I’m sorry to all our neighbours if my loud laughter disturbed anyone!
 From Jean Drader
Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte


Storyland Bunny

Yes the Storyland Bunnies Are still Alive and Well I might Add…

Storyland bunny finds new home

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While You Were Sleeping —-The Storyland Bunny Moves to the Hi Diddle Day House



RIP angelo– stage 4 cancer and you stillwent with the boys to get the bunny

The Elements of Storyland-Are Those Bunnies Now in Bali Ha’i ?




That was in 1994– so what happened when Storyland closed? Where did the bunnies move too?


One Bunny became part of Motorhouse’s entourage on Highway 7. But where did the other one go?

Nikki Laframboise had a dream and deep in the Ottawa Valley she created a wilderness oasis where nature and nurture meet. She called her shangri-la that opens tomorrow May 24th Elements Luxury Tented Camp and Nature Spa.


Nicki is opening the first ‘glamping’ site in Eastern Ontario. ELEMENTS LUXURY TENT CAMPING is located on the former STORYLAND site, about a hour west of Ottawa.  But what about that other bunny? What did she do with it?



Glamping 3384753-Public Archives
Company party at James Cavers tent, Lake Park, near Carleton Place, ON, 1894.




After- at Elements-circa 2016

porcupinecanvasinternalframetent001 Photo-Ottawa Citizen

I heard he was in here…




Well that blanket is mussed up  in one of their canvas tents—either 16’x20’ or 14’x16’—already set up and furnished with luxury hotel style furnishing, bed linens, mosquito netting and even gilt mirrors that once graced Ottawa’s famous Chateau Laurier.

Maybe he is having a snack somewhere…

All he has to do is consult his campfire cookbook and, using his order card, check off the meals, picnic lunches and late night snacks he might like and when he would  like them delivered.

I heard he is well known by their wilderness butlers who will deliver everything to you, from the utensils, firewood and kitchenware (if required) to dishes and the washed, prepared and portioned food. Like a whole bunch of carrots!

So is he inside the park?


I heard he was into relaxing yoga and then hopped on to a bike and went for exciting mountain bike ride– but still no sight of him!

Someone saw him relaxing with a glass of wine by the waterfall– but where did he wander off too? You have to remember there are 89 acres of wooded wonderland to explore!!



Then there is that view at Champlain Lookout. In 1953 a large rock was found in the area bearing a chiselled inscription “Champlain Juin 2, 1613” however the authenticity of the inscription has been brought into question by the date format. The Champlain Lookout was a part of the landscape long before Storyland was founded and word is the Bunny goes up there a lot.
So where is he exactly?You are going to have to watch Carol Anne Mehan’s video to find out! Click Here

Do drop in to the Bali Ha’i of Renfrew


Facebook Page


793 Storyland Road
Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
K7V 3Z8
t: 613.432.8000
e: info@outdoorhotel.ca



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