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The Mahoney Legacy Ends–Masonry Runs in the Blood

The Mahoney Legacy Ends–Masonry Runs in the Blood




There is immense satisfaction in the process of building something with your own hands blood sweat and tears. In the restoration and preservation of a beautiful old building and in using your skills with brick and stone to beautify a new build.

Recent research done by Darlene Mahoney has revealed that the Mahoneys have been building with stone for a very long time.The oldest castle associated with the Mahoney family name is  Ardintenant in Ireland; it dates back to the 1300’s. The original stone walls are still standing. Also notable is Dunlough castle. It is one of the oldest Norman castles in Ireland. It is a famous example of the “dry stone” masonry technique. A common characteristic of all the Mahoney Castles is a second story doorway – always located just to the side of the first story main entrance. A removable wooden ladder would have provided access to the second floor.



Tami Blake and Kerri Mahoney hanging out on the scaffold with Grandpa Joe–Photo Glenda Mahoney


The Carleton Place branch of the Mahoney masons has a more humble history. Joe Mahoney started his  masonry business in the 1960s  until 1988. Joe was a hard working honest man and after his retirement Joe was a familiar sight setting up his lawn chair in the middle of a job site to visit. Jim Mahoney began working for his father in 1971 and took over the business in 1988. Jim attended George Brown College in Toronto and became fully licensed in 1976. He acquired his knowledge, skills and work ethic  from his father. Our nephew Shane worked for us for many years and we were very proud of him when he represented Ontario in the masonry division in the Canada Skills competition.

Over the years, each of Joe and Laura’s sons have helped out with the business, also their grandsons.  Although both Stan Mahoney and Blake Mahoney have worked in the family business they have chosen different career paths and they are both very talented  masons.

But all stories must end and we have made the decision to close the business. We would like to say a big “Thank You” to all of our customers and to the contractors who have employed us. You have enriched our lives in countless ways.

We are proud to leave a legacy of brick and stonework for future generations to enjoy. The Heritage Fitness Center,The International Peace Cairn, Wilderness Tours, the Mississippi Hotel, Mount Pakenham.The Farmers Market,The Old Shoe Factory  and so much more.


We wish  success and prosperity to our fellow masonry companies. And we feel confident that another generation of Mahoneys will someday carry on the brick and stone tradition…after all it is in our blood.

glenda and jim mahoney





Photo Glenda Mahoney

In 1450 this was our castle home built by the Mahoney stone masons in Ireland. They built several castles some of which are still standing



Four castles built by the Mahoneys in Ireland: Rosbrin Ardintenant Dunmanus and Dunlocha castle.
















Putting a Face to Levi Brian, Stonemason, of Carleton Place









Photo Glenda Mahoney