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NO Questions Asked? The Ballygiblin Sign Update


Sandra Hurdis Finigan from Scott Reid’s (M.P.) office took things to heart when I posted about the missing Ballygiblin’s sign from Central Bridge. She had already spoken to Duncan Rogers from the Carleton Place Town Hall who said he had approached the Ontario Heritage Trust a few years ago but had not heard anything since.


As an assignment for their Co-op student  “the iconic” Ryan from Notre Dame High School was asked to look into the Ballygiblin Riot plaque that used to reside beside the town hall at the bridge. These were his findings:


“I contacted the Ontario Heritage Trust to see where Carleton Place is in the line for getting a replacement. After a number of phone calls the question was not directly answered but I was told that the funds are not available to replace it.


I inquired what the cost would be to replace the plaque as it would be a great addition to the town’s bicentennial celebration in 2019. Wayne Kelly of the Ontario Heritage Trust quoted me a price of approximately $4000 for the plaque and another $1000 for the pole that it sat on. I have since been working with the Parks and Rec department to see if the pole could be located”.



Author’s note.. So, we still do not have the sign, but at least we know where we are in line with Ontario Heritage Trust. Absolutely NOWHERE!  This week suggestions have been made to me that we post a NO QUESTIONS ASKED PLEA.

If you know where it is, or have any information, contact me or Scott Reid’s office. It did not fall in the river, it was stolen, and if we can get a 500 pound gravestone dropped off anonymously at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum, well we can get this back. In the meantime make a plea to Ontario Heritage Trust to put us on the list.


By the way if you see the Almonte Brewer’s Retail Store sign, they are still looking for that too. They were going to sell it for charity until someone thought they should benefit from it.


Ouaisse Derew –My guess is that it has been stolen for scrap. I suggest replacing with a sign of the same material they use to make highway signs. It is not interesting to bronze thieves.