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The Brain Icicles of Alzheimer’s – Zoomers


The Brain Icicles of Alzheimer’s – Zoomers.



“I imagine my brain as an iceberg,” said Dr. Steve Hume. “Some days it’s very sunny and it melts, but you never know quite where it will melt. Other times, it’s cloudy or cold and it doesn’t melt.”

Alzheimer’s doesn’t just affect the person with the disease, it affects everyone around too. A fellow blogger-friend of mine, Erica K deals with it every single day. Imagine going to see your mom and she doesn’t know who you are most times. It’s an emotional, hard disease at any age and I have read some of her writings with great sadness. Ercia K deals with it with such courage and she is my hero. In the end the quality of how we endure and choose to deal with things defines us. Here are some of her writings.