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The Writings of Noreen Tyers of Perth

The Writings of Noreen Tyers of Perth



 Sammy’s in love another Maple Syrup Season is coming and are we ever happy. Love and Sweetness to all–Illustration by Noreen Tyers of Perth, Ontario


Author’s Note–Once in awhile I get queries about local artists, authors etc. from the past that have never been documented like Janet McArton from Ramsay. I read Noreen Tyer’s writings all the time and thought we should document them so future historians can find them easily– or maybe our future generations.


Bessie’s Stump in Stewart Park by Noreen Tyers April  5, 2018

I opened up this week’s Perth Courier and what did I find
A picture of Bessie’s Stump in Stewart Park just so elegant and fine

I am sure that this past Easter Weekend there were children all around the stump
Chasing down and finding some Easter Eggs maybe within the old trunk

For when she stood with many branches so erect, oh so elegant and tall
She protected those who sat under, instead of climbing it and maybe have a fall

I gaze upon this piece of lawn art and try to figure out
Just what I can see in this clump of branches the squirrels once ran about

When you look upon the picture the stump pattern’s are unique
I see what looks like a squirrel just coming out, trying to be discreet

I stare at the size of the branches cut off and they could be a seat
When at Stewart Park Festival you might sit, now wouldn’t that be neat

One see’s it is surrounded by younger trees and saplings
They just can wait until summer to grow and watch all the happenings

I think we might need a step stool to sit upon the stumps
One must be very careful or you might stumble and get a rather large bump

So stand back and do a bit of thinking, what once was our dear “Bessie”
Those that look will admire the stump in the park of our fair Tree Lassie

From the Pen 
of Noreen Tyers
April 2018



“By the old Poplar tree on Gardner Street Eastview”
Little old me, with older brother Jack and our Rag Doll Dog named Trixie”– Noreen Tyers