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Meet the Tea Lady at the Ladies Who Lunch Event June 6th



Meet Chrisine Toth from Steeped Tea who will be providing the tea at Ladies Who Lunch on June 6th. She  also provided the tea at one of the Victorian Teas at Glanmore Estates in Belleville.

This is why she loves tea.

When I first came across Steeped Tea, I was a bagged tea drinker – I’d never been exposed to the world of loose leaf tea, but I instantly fell in love with the taste, quality and variety of teas available. I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion for tea with YOU!

Growing up in Scotland, I was bred an avid tea granny. When I discovered this company six years ago, I couldn’t believe my luck – to combine a thirst for tea, a creative obsession of theme party planning, and a desire to learn and educate was too good to be true.

I balance being a Mum of three, and a military spouse with my tea business – Steeped Tea allows me the freedom and flexibility to stay home with my children while earning a full-time income working part-time hours as a Senior Group Director with a rapidly expanding TEAm across Ontario and Canada-wide. I’ve been able to work through pregnancy, life with a newborn, and even move my business with my family to Ottawa.

Christine will be serving the Earl Grey de la Creme tea. It is the tea that started the company when the Steeped Tea founders were given a cup of it when they were staying at a bed & breakfast on the east coast nine years ago and Tonia had the passion and vision to share it with her friends and family then created her own direct sales business. Earl Grey de la Creme  is a creamier version of a traditional Earl Grey, with a hint of vanilla making it a smooth sipping tea.

Yum!  Meet Christine June 6th!