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Looking For Information —Jim White Innisville Orchestra and …..

Looking For Information —Jim White Innisville Orchestra and …..

Was this the Innisville Orchestra?


Jim White, of Innisville, and his orchestra were a familiar sight throughout the Ottawa Valley for more than four decades. Jim started his entertainment career in  the mid 1930s playing with his brother Ed at dances in Innisville and Drummond Centre. In the 1940s he played with the Stardusters Band and in 1960 formed the Country Pals. He used to play at the Perth Legion’s Saturday night dances from 1966-1980.. Files from John C. Ebbs

Was this the Innisville Orchestra?


The Johnny Foster Band on stage in the background- Photo Laurie Yuill




Colleen Montgomery Uncle Wilbert Foster and Aunt Luella on the right. Uncle Wilbert was the Post Master at the Lanark Post Office for many years.

Catherine Gorman Colleen Montgomery Aunt Christina and Uncle Jack Taylor from Hopetown are on the left.  I’d guess that it was the Taylor’s Anniversary and Mom and Wilbert were their attendants.


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