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Our Community — The Staff of Carleton Place and the Sparks and Brownies of Carleton Place –Photos!!

Our Community — The Staff of Carleton Place and the Sparks and Brownies of Carleton Place –Photos!!

Sparks and Brownies of Carleton Place, Ontario November 2022


Last night I was honoured to speak about community to these young ladies in Carleton Place. They are working on their ‘Community Badges’ and we shared conversations on how we can all be part of the community and help each other. I was initially going to just put up photos of the cards they made for our town hall staff, but this is too important, and we need to carry on the message to everyone. Building strong leaders and helping people work together has the ability and the responsibility to make our ever-more connected world a more hopeful, stable and peaceful place. TOGETHER we are community!

These cards that are in EACH photo were made by the girls themselves, and I was so proud to be part of this project. Thank you everyone, and thanks to Mayor Toby Randell and Deputy Mayor Andrew Tennant for supporting this.

This is some of our Carleton Place Town staff below. These are the people that you call when you have town issues. They can be family, friends or your neighbours. Their dedication is imperative for the growth of our town and we thank them for their efforts. Thank you Sparks and Brownies for making these cards for our dedicated staff.

Town Clerk Stacey Blair.. and Mayor Toby – What is just one of Stacey’s jobs? Who looked after the election? Stacey did!!

She can marry you too!!

Amanda and Blake and Mayor Toby. Amanda added this below:

I randomly got this amazing Christmas card today from Elsbeth who is a member of the Carleton Place Brownies. Linda Seccaspina met with them last night and they drew Christmas cards that were handed out to Town Staff today. Elsbeth I’ve never met you but your card made my day! Thank you so much!

This is Mayor Toby with Niki — Director of Development Services

This is the Planning Dept’s ‘Lanark County tree’.. Is that a Toronto Maple Leaf decoration on that tree? Can’t be.. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me LOLOL

This is the Planning Building Dept. These are the guys that follow the building codes and make sure local construction is safe. I am behind Len waving. I like Len and wanted to make rabbit ears behind his head– but I didn’t LOLOL. These guys have tough tough tough jobs. Yes, the word tough is in triplicate because Lego is not involved in building. It’s serious business keeping our buildings safe!

This is the office part of our local town hall. These are the people you talk to for bills, payroll, human resources, etc. They always smile like that too– I know..:)

This is Public Works. Another hard working group. These are the people you call when the drains arent working, the street lights are out, snow plowing,– all the jobs you would not want to do. They are the heart of trouble shooting in Carleton Place. Dave Young on the far left has retired now as Director of Public Works, but is our project manager now for the bridge and the Main Street. Guy holding the card is Director of Public Works. Thank you Emmersyn for making their card– they even made a sign for you to thank you.

This picture really made my heart smile. This is public works. They are the ones out there in all the elements unclogging whatever is flooding, and are out doing things to help the town when you are cozy inside. The duties of a public works laborer include various manual labor tasks in our town. You operate power tools and equipment like air compressors, chainsaws, and lawn mowers, as well as heavy machinery like backhoes– include maintaining or building roads, parks, sewage systems, and more. These guys are seldom seen in photos, so thank you Toby for taking it. They are real hardworking people!

We are missing some folks here as some were out on a call. This group holding one of the Brownies/ Sparks cards are also important to our town. The two folks in the middle are from bylaw and the others are from our Carleton Place Fire dept. Also so important to our town.

Last but not least is just some of our hard working folks from Carleton Place Recreation & Culture. They look after our parks, docks, town hall events, town buildings and so many things. They do our Santa Claus parade and all sorts of other events you might not be aware of. Parks & Rec is everywhere!!!!

Carleton Place Library~~

Fom the Carleton Place Day care.. thank you everyone

Thank you once again to the Carleton Place Brownies and Sparks for the cards that we gave to each department. To the staff: your hard work and commitment help keep the town of Carleton Place going. All of us are so grateful to you! Thank you!

Sue Tweddle sent me this

Our attempt to recreate the older Brownie picture from 1952 last year in front of Zion Memorial

This is the park the Sparks designed for Carleton Place on a map they drew of Carleton Place. Looks like there are things going on in the Mississippi River too!

From our community to you town staff and to the Brownies and Sparks– Happy Holidays and thank you!