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Another Lanark County “Murdoch Mystery” –Elfreda Drummond of Ashton

Another Lanark County “Murdoch Mystery” –Elfreda Drummond of Ashton

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If the Murdoch Mystery folks ever came to Lanark County we have some real odd stories that might suit them here. Last night going through the newspaper archives I found another dilly. The trial of Merrick Drummond from Ashton.

I never thought he did it– but the neighbours put their three cents in, and there were so many questions I had after reading it. Did the farm hand who left abruptly do it? How could a man that gave up his life for his mother and two sisters that could not care for themselves kill some one? Was it an accident of anger?  Did Elfreda Drummond really crack her skull on the families apple tree because of her *St. Vitus Dance condition? Read the articles and judge for yourself!


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  03 May 1922, Wed,  Page 1

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  10 May 1922, Wed,  Page 3

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  17 May 1922, Wed,  Page 5


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  18 Oct 1922, Wed,  Page 1


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  19 Oct 1922, Thu,  Page 5



*St. Vitus’s Dance is a disorder of the nervous system that occurs following an A beta-haemolytic streptococcal infection. The condition is usually latent, with the symptoms presenting up to 6 months after the initial infection. It normally occurs between 5-15 years of age, but can also appear later in life, and affects girls about twice as much as it does boys. St. Vitus’s Dance is characterized by involuntary and uncoordinated movements of the face, hands and feet.


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