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Anyone Want Breakfast ? The Story of St. James Weekly Breakfast with Photos — Holly Carol Parkinson

Anyone Want Breakfast ? The Story of St. James Weekly Breakfast with Photos — Holly Carol Parkinson

Peter and Chris

Every Wednesday morning 830-1030 a wonderful FREE breakfast at St. James Anglican Church- see you there! For all ages — Children, Families, ALL welcome. Donations greatfully accepted.

225 Edmund St., Carleton Place, ON, Canada

Every Tuesday at Zion Memorial- Come join us for a free hot lunch Zion-Memorial United Church. Lunch is served from noon- 12:30. Takeout is available. LOVE fellowship and lunch is free,(donations accepted)

37 Franklin Street Carleton Place, ON K7C 1R6

St James in Carleton Place to the Rescue! Carleton Place in the News… Crosstalk 2022 #communityproud

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What did Rector Elliot from St. James Bring Back from Cacouna?

The Emotional Crowded Houses– St. James

The Church On the Hill in the Middle of Hood

The Church On the Hill in the Middle of Hood
July 2020

St. James Church, located at Hood, Ont., was built around 1860, located at lot 16, concession 3, Dalhousie Township.

This church is no longer being used.

Ferguson’s Cemetery PlaceGenealogical Resource
    Alternate Cemetery Name: St. James Cemetery; Hoods Cemetery County/District/Region: Lanark County Historical Township: Dalhousie Current Municipality: Lanark Highlands Historical Municipality: Hood Lot: 16 Concession: 2 Denomination: St. James Transcription Status: Transcribed 1994 Registration Status; Registered Additional Notes: 1 stone beside St. James United Church…
The Ontario Genealogical Society
OGS Cemeteries

Robert “Wild Bob” Ferguson

1866 – 1889

Buried in the Ferguson Cemetery, Dalhousie Township

Friday August 23, 1889 The Perth Courier

Tragedy at Calabogie Lake Fatal Row Between Two River Drivers The Inquest

Kingston Ont., August 15 – “I’ll fight that fellow or I will be in hell tonight.” These were the remarks of an enraged river man in the village of Madawaska on Tuesday night. About eight o’clock he was shot and after great agony died yesterday about 11 o’clock . It was Edward McLaughlin, river driver, who shot Robert Ferguson and killed him.

Madawaska is a small village in the Kingston and Pembroke railway, fourteen miles from Renfrew. Both men were employed at High Falls by E. B. Eddy, Hull Que. On Tuesday Ferguson and McLaughlin went down from High Falls to Madawaska, and were soon intoxicated. Ferguson, ugly when in his cups, interchanged some blows with McLaughlin, but they were speedily separated. Ferguson, however, was not satisfied, he was most violent in his threats. The blustering river driver could not be pacified. Read the rest here– CLICKThe Story of Wild Bob Ferguson of Dalhousie Township

*Hood’s School Info–Anyway, you posted some information about Hoods School ( by the way this school was  just outside of Watson’s Corners at the corner of Sugar Bush Way and concession 3 – across from St James Church.) This school was attended by my mother and her siblings as well as her father and his siblings. The Paul family ( my mother’s family) still lives on Sugar Bush Way.

Thanks for letting me share.
Mary Beth Wylie
(daughter of Eileen Paul, granddaughter of Ray and Minnie Pretty Paul and so on… )

Did you Ever Hear About Hoods Corners?

The Tragic Life of Mary Paul–Hood’s Settlement- Mary Beth Wylie

Did you Ever Hear About Hoods Corners?

Names Names Names of St. James Carleton Place Genealogy

Names Names Names of St. James Carleton Place Genealogy



Annual Report
St. James Church
1945 REV. CANON T. H. IVESON, M.A., Rector

Church Wardens

Mrs. R.E. KEAYS, Secretary-Treasurer

Ackland, Miss M.
Anderson, Miss Annie
Anderson, James, Wm. St.
Anderson, James, George St.
Anderson, Mrs. Gladys
Andison, Norman
Andison, Miss Leita
Atwell, Mrs. Robert
Armstrong, Mrs. Fred.
Bailey, Miss Joyce
Baird, Alvin
Baird, Miss Bernice
Ball, T. A.
Baker, Mrs. E.
Bellamy, Wilfred
Bennett, Austin
Bennett, Miss Dorcas
Bennett, Gordon
Bennett, Mrs. J. E.
Bennett, Victor
Bennett, Mrs. W. F.
Bittle, Mr. and Mrs John
Bittle, Mr. & Mrs. Wal. & Don.
Bleach, George
Bleach, Alfred
Bigras, Mrs. Mary
Bogaerts, Donald
Bogaerts, Peter
Bond, Harry
Boon, Philip
Bowland, H. R.
Bowland, Norman
Branford, Donald
Brazier, Mrs. Frank
Broom, Miss Mabel
Brown, Miss Mabel
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth
Bryce, Norman
Buffam, Mrs. Noble
Buffam, Lorne
Burns, Mrs. Wellington
Burrows, Miss Laura
Bennett, Samuel
Boughner, Miss June
Bennett, Mrs. A. C.
Cassidy, Mr. Alton
Cassidy, A. V.
Campbell, William
Chamney, Miss Sadie
Chamney, Mrs. John
Clarke, Mrs. Frank
Clarke, Mr. S. T., sr.
Clarke, Mrs. Sydney
Page 10 of 1945 Annual Report of St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place, Ontario.
Clarke, Mr. S. T., sr.
Collins, Roy
Comba, Gemmill
Comba, Stewart
Cooke, Frank
Cooke, Roy
Cooke, Mrs. Wesley
Coogan, Mrs. Mina
Cooper, Arthur
Craig, Clarence
Craig, Mrs George
Culbertson, Mrs. Bolton
Cummings, Miss Viola
Curtis, Miss M.
Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Milford
Collins, Fred.
Christenson, Diane
Campbell, Harvey
Davidson, Mrs. Arthur
Dolan, Miss C. F.
Dolan, James
Doucett, George H.
Dowdall, G. E.
Dowdall, J. E., Appleton
Dowdall, Leonard
Dowdall, Lester
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs Howard
Drummond, Mrs. Lena
Dugdale, Mrs. Arthur
Dugdale, Cecil, sr.
Dugdale, Cecil, jr.
Dugdale, Gertrude
Dugdale, Phyllis
Dugdale, Betty
Dugdale, Florence
Dunlop, Percy
Duff, Mrs. M. E.
Edwards, John A.
Edwards, Thomas A.
Edwards, Edith
Edwards, Ruth
Elliott, Miss C. V.
Elliott, Miss Louise
Elliott, Miss Olivia (deceased)
Erskine, Mrs. Marion
Fanning, L. E.
Fanning, George
Fanning, Samuel
Fanning, Miss A.
Ferguson, Ross
Fleming, Mrs. Earl
France, Mr. and Mrs. George
Fraser, Mrs. Jennie
Fraser, John Francis
Freakley, Mrs. Harold
Page 11 of 1945 Annual Report of St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place, Ontario.
Frizell, Mrs. J. S.
Ferrill, Miss Marguerite
Finner, Wm.
Gardiner, Mrs. George
Garland, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Garland, Mrs. Geo.
Garvin, Lorne
Garvin, Moses
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Giles, Mrs. Geo.
Giles, Alfred
Giles, Ernest
Giles, Florence
Gladdish, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Graham, Mr. and Mrs. T R.
Graham, Teddy
Graham, James
Graham, Wm.
Grant, Miss Bertha
Griffith, James
Griffith, Norman
Griffith, Samuel
Griffith, W. L.
Griffith, John, Appleton
Griffith, W. T.
Griffith, W. J., Mary St.
Gill, Miss Dorothy
Gravillo, Mr. and Mrs.
Hadinka, Mrs. F.
Hall, James
Hale, Samuel
Hamilton, Lindus
Hamilton, Ben
Hamilton, Ed.
Harrison, M.
Harthen, Joe
Harthen, M. L.
Hawkins, Miss Bessie
Hawkins, Wellington
Hawkins, Robert
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, Mrs. Wm.
Hedderson, Mrs. F.
Hedderson, Miss Rose
Henery, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Hill, Fred.
Hilliard, Mrs. Robert
Hilliard, Borden
Hilliard, George
Hobbs, Orton
Hobbs, William
Hodgkinson, A. C
Hodgkinson, Kathleen
Horgan, Miss Alice
Page 12 of 1945 Annual Report of St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place, Ontario.
Houston, Mrs. Wm.
Hudson, Mrs. A. E.
Hughes, Lloyd
Hughes, W. J.
Hurdis, Wm., sr.
Hurdis, Miss Aileen
Hyndman, Albert
Hamilton, Mrs. Alex
Hanneman, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Hawkins, Frances
Hurdis, Mrs. Ed.
Hurdis, Boya
Hopkins, Wm.
Iveson, Canon and Mrs. T. H.
Iveson, Miss Dorothy
Iveson, Miss Betty
Jennings, A. B.
Jennings, Miss Joan
Jamieson, Mrs. W. J.
Johnston, Dr and Mrs. J. A.
Johnston, Chas.
Jones, Percy
Keays, R. E.
Kerr, Alvin
Kerr, Ashley
Kidd, Richard
Kirk, Mrs.
Kidd, E. A.
Lancaster, Frank
Langtry, F. G.
Langtry, I. C.
Langtry, Gordon
Laskaris, James
Lay, Ernest
Lloyd, Mrs. Lou
Leach, Miss Vivian
Leach, Gordon
Leech, Rev. Canon
Leech, Mrs. Thos. (Rev.)
Leech, Miss Mary
Leech, Mrs. Edward
Leech, Wellington
Leach, Arden
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Lewis, Mrs. John
Lewis, Mrs. W. G.
Lewis, Miss Fern
Lewis, Miss June
Little, Howard
Leach, Percy
Loucks, Merrill
Lowe, Mr. and Mrs. John
Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Lynch, Wilfred
Page 13 of 1945 Annual Report of St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place, Ontario.
Lynch, J. A
Lynch, Mrs. W. J., sr.
Lay, Reggie
Lay, Albert
Madge, Mrs.
Marshall, W. E. and Samuel
Marshall, Gordon
Mathews, Mrs. Harry
May, Miss Sophia
Moore, S. J.
Moore, Ernest
Moore, Herbert
Moore, William
Morphy, Mrs. Chas.
Morris, Elisha
Morris, Fred.
Morris, Mervyn P.
Morris, S. G.
Moulton, James
Moulton, Thomas
Manahan, Mrs. Annie
Morris, Howard
Morphy, Wilbert
Mitchell, Miss Jennie
Mitchell, Thos.
Mullinger, Mrs. Geo.
Munshaw, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
McNeely, Mrs. M. and Eleanor
McNeely, Arthur, R.R. 3
McNeely, Arthur R.
McNeely, Bryce, sr.
McNeely, D. R.
McNeely, Howard
McNeely, Ossie
McNeely, Russell
McNeely, W. E.
McNeely, W. J.
McAdam, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
McArton, J. A., jr.
McArton, Mrs. John, sr.
McArton, Stewart
McCaffrey, T E.
McCauley, W. S.
McDaniel, Arnold
McDaniel, Mrs. Ed.
McDiarmid, Mrs. Alex.
McIlquham, Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
McIlquham, Miss Ellen
McKim, Hugh
McKim, William
McKim, Blanche
McLaren, Robert
McLaren, Samuel
McMaster, Mrs.
Page 14 of 1945 Annual Report of St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place, Ontario.
McPherson, Mrs. Wilf.
McFarlane, Mrs. A.
McGarry, Mrs Robt.
Moulton, Joseph
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Milford
Moore, Desmond
Mordy, Elsie
Neil, Miss Annie
Neil, Miss Emma
Neil, Howard
New, Mrs. Thos.
Nichols, Mrs. W. A.
Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Nichols, Thos.
Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Miron
Nichols, Abner
Nolan, Miss Edith
Nolan, Miss Nellie
Nolan, Thos
Nolan, Mrs. Frank
Nichols, Doris
Oattes, Ebert
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Perry, James
Phillips, Harry
Pierce, Mrs. Edward
Pierce, Mrs. Kenneth
Poole, John
Poynter, John E.
Prime, David
Prime, William
Purdy, Bower
Pye, Lawrence
Pye, Hilton
Poxon, Joe
Ritchie, E. H.
Ritchie, Miss Agnes
Robertson, Harold
Rogers, M. W.
Romanauke, Mike
Rathwell, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Rathwell, Mr and Mrs. Herb.
Ryan, Miss Violet
Sadler, Mrs. H.
Saunders, Mrs. Rollitt
Saunders, Samuel
Scharfe, Mrs. Sarah
Scott, Mrs. Arthur
Scott, Mrs. Maurice
Sedman, Horace
Sedman, Miss Marjory
Shannon, Stanley
Smith, Mrs. Annie
Southwell, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Page 15 of 1945 Annual Report of St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place, Ontario.
Stanley, Leonard
Stanley, Marjory
Stanzel, Earl
Stanzel, Staunton
Stanzel, S. W.
Stephen, Albert and Mrs.
Stewart, Walter
Spinks, Samuel
Swayne, Allan
Stacey, John
Steele, Mrs. Milo
Sennett, Mrs A.
Saunders, L.
Thompson, H.
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Thackaberry, Stanley
Tinsley, Victor
Turner, George
Turner, John, Lake Ave.
Tighe, F. J.
Tysick, Mrs. James
Virtue, Fred.
Walroth, Dr. and Mrs. E. J.
Warr, Mrs. Geo.
Weir, George
Weir, William
West, Fred.
Whittle, Mrs. Chas. and Dorothy
Williams, Mrs. B. Y.
Williams, Howard
Williams, G. M.
Williams, Carol
Willows, Miss Martha
Wilson, W. H.
Wilson, Harold
Wilson, Robert
Woodcock, Miss Evelyn
Woodcock, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Woodcock, Roy and Helen
Weatherstone, June
Weatherstone, Billie
Wright, Thos.
Williams, James
Wynne, George
Wupperman, Mrs.
Williams, Adam
Watson, Miss Lila

From Charles Dobie

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.



St. James…..

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I Bet You Didn’t Know this About St. James in Carleton Place

The “Margaret Thatcher” of Campbell Street


Muriel McNeely Simpson and her brother Howard McNeely.jpg

Photo of Mrs. Eric Simpson aka Muriel McNeely Simpson and her brother Howard McNeely—-photo donna mcfarlane


Dedicated to Blair White-

Years ago I used to know all my neighbours. I was lucky to have great people like Mrs. Cummings, Laurel McCann, the Johnstones, the Gordons and the Nephins live near me. Joyce and Stuart White lived across the street and Howard McNeely’s sister, Muriel Simpson, lovingly ruled us all in the neighbourhood like Margaret Thatcher. No one dared cross the line with her on Campbell Street, not even next door plumber Gerald Hastie. Especially Gerald Hastie! No matter how much he mocked her –if she yelled ‘jump‘ he would ask “how high?” and quickly at that.

When I moved here in 1981 I asked her if I detected an Irish accent. She laughed for barely 5 seconds and then looked at me like she was going to take my head off and said,

“My dear WE ALL talk that way here in Lanark County!”

After that firm answer I never disputed what Muriel said as I knew I would have a debate on my hands. No matter what year you moved to Carleton Place, if you weren’t born here- you were a newcomer for the rest of your life and that was that. No way,  no how. What would get you into the most trouble with her was if you dared ask her how old she was. That lone question was the kiss of death, as this was not a woman that just stayed home knitting. This was more of a woman who would press a life alert button to see how many firemen showed up.

It doesn’t matter how many jokes Blair White still tells to this day about Muriel Simpson, I am sure she put the fear of God in him and his brothers as she did the rest of us–only he will never admit it. Muriel was afraid of no one, and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t ask you if she was curious- and you had better be ready with an answer. Muriel never accepted silence or making excuses in any conversation. There was never anything off the table with her and she would find out what she wanted to know at any cost. She was a walking encyclopedia of local gossip and there was nothing this woman did not know about Carleton Place. She would begin most of her stories with the words,“Well you know…” and then launch into full barracuda attack mode.

Muriel loved to reminisce about her beloved ”McNeely farmhouse” that she was born and raised in. Her childhood home once sat just about where Mitchell’s Independent’s Grocery is now located on Highway 7 and McNeely Blvd. In fact if I had money I would erect a billboard in that field  that said,“Muriel McNeely Simpson lived here” as I know that she would love that.

Each week she seemed to get more depressed as she watched the building fall apart from neglect, similar to the McCrae farm across the road. Muriel did not live to see the day of box stores and having the new road and bridge named after the McNeely’s,  I often wonder if she would be complaining about the new structures that are sitting out there now. She didn’t like new things and scolded me once when I said we were getting prices for something we were having done in my home. She gave me ‘that look of hers’ and said:

“My dear, that’s not how we do it in Carleton Place. We just pick the right man for the job and call him- and we especially don’t call strangers!”

Muriel would also probably throw in a “Hmmph” and “For Land’s Sake” in conversation every 60 seconds. She was frustrated in the early 90’s about our new addition going up at our home. It just wasn’t going up fast enough for her and she would throw her hands up in the air and say to anyone who visited her,

“Do these people across the street know what they are doing?”

Muriel would complain incessantly about the possibility of the local corner stores staying open 24 hours. Day after day I heard,

“Surely, if these places are open until midnight folks should have enough to get them by until 7am.”

In reality, her complaints always had me in a fit of giggles and I loved her.  We were as different as night and day, but she would talk about me like I was her daughter. If  my name came up in conversation she would say,

“Oh you know the gal with the ponytail on the side of her head and she wears only one earring”.

Like everyone should know a woman sporting an 80’s disco ponytail wearing one earring.

Each week I would load this elderly woman into my pink Corvette Stingray and she would wave to her subjects in a regal manner as we went to Sunday service at St. James. She never failed to tell me that she and her husband Eric had bought the cross that hangs over the altar in the Anglican church. So remember that when you walk into St. James as she would want you too.

Muriel made an impact on me and there is never ever a day that I will not forget her. You see she made me promise that I would sit in her spot in a certain church pew after she died.  If you were sitting in it when she was alive she made you move. She told me that bad things would happen to me if I didn’t sit on her spot upon her demise.  If you have seen me sit on the right hand side of the church it is for a very good reason, and– if you are sitting in her spot I will slide myself in there no matter how many people are sitting there.  After all God said she had full custody of that seat and like Muriel I always have thought that life should be Pay per Pew. 🙂


Miss you Muriel!!




Karen Blackburn Chenier —I remember her when she was also “Queen ” of the kitchen at the old St James Parish hall, I have no idea who the actual head of “The Energetics” as the Womens Council was called then, but I do know everybody hustled when Muriel spoke. As a teenager and being volunteered,by my mother, to help out I was quite intimidated by her and just stayed out of the way. Heaven forbid if I put the wrong cup and saucer on.. The kitchen ran like a well organized military operation and look out if the potato masher got put away in the wrong drawer!


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun and Screamin’ Mamas (USA)


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What did Rector Elliot from St. James Bring Back from Cacouna?


st james


It seems the “then Rector” Elliot of St. James Anglican Church in Carleton Place was in poor health in August of 1899. Did he go down south, or somewhere out of the way? No, he went to St. John the Apostle in Cacouna, and elsewhere east in Quebec. Why there? I imagine he went to the summer retreat called the Clergy House of Retreat, founded in 1891 that was located on the land in front of the church. It operated until 1952, when it became the house for the summer chaplains to the parish. In bad need of repair the Clergy House of Retreat was torn down in 1962 when a new parsonage was purchased. Rector Elliot came back in better health and brought back 14 new pounds on his body.

St. John the Apostle was a summer church, built in 1865, and donated to the Lord Bishop to serve as a church for the many English speaking families that had summer houses in the area.  Rector Elliot came back to Carleton Place in better health and with 14 extra pounds ready to serve his congregation once again. Rector, Rev.Canon Elliot was the longest serving rector in St. James from 1890-1925

Cacouna is a municipality in the Rivière-du-Loup Regional County Municipality within the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec. It is located on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River along Route 132.The land had been occupied since 1721, by a number of families. After the deportation of Acadians from Quebec in 1758, several Acadians established residence on the land, living as squatters.

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, with the construction of the railway to Rivière-du-Loup and the Maritime provinces, several wealthy Anglophone families from Montreal and Toronto built luxury villas in Cacouna, some of which still stand today. In the summer, the village was as a site of beachgoing, celebration and relaxation for these vacationers,[8] providing employment to villagers working in the service industry. The vacationers began to slowly leave Cacouna during the Great Depression.


St. James Anglican Church – Carleton Place, Ontario.

First Photo St. James Anglican Church 1882 Thanksgiving from Carleon Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Other picture Linda Seccaspina

Newspaper clipping from 1899

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The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
31 Aug 1895, Sat  •  Page 7