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Hoods School SS #2 Dalhousie

Hoods School SS #2 Dalhousie

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
12 Jul 1905, Wed  •  Page 1
*Hood’s School Photo-–Mary Beth Wylie-Anyway, you posted some information about Hoods School ( by the way this school was just outside of Watson’s Corners at the corner of Sugar Bush Way and concession 3 – across from St James Church.) This school was attended by my mother and her siblings as well as her father and his siblings. The Paul family ( my mother’s family) still lives on Sugar Bush Way.

I thought you might like these pictures. One is of the school ( undated) the other self explanatory.

Thanks for letting me share.

Mary Beth Wylie

(daughter of Eileen Paul, granddaughter of Ray and Minnie Pretty Paul and so on… )

Hood’s School Photo-–Mary Beth Wylie

Jp Boucher

Our grandmother kathaleen horne was a school teacher there my mom also went too school there Betty horne meeks

John R. Coupland

My wife Deretta McIntosh, went to this school from 1945 to 1953.

H.l. Crosbie

I remember that place very well and also Bill Hornes place behind the school.

Stephanie Park

My dad owned this place in the70’s and early 80’s, I love this picture!

Karen Hicks

Keitha taught at the Watson’s Corner School

She may have taught at Hood’s as well.

MB Wylie
October 30, 2021  · 
Attendance at Hoods School March 1905
Hi Linda I have been loaned boxes of pictures my grandmother and Aunt Marion had saved. Some awesome old pix.

Thought you would like to share this one of Hoods School, Dalhousie, Lanark County 1930

Mary Beth

Maple Grove Alumni – Lanark, Ontario
October 22, 2016  · 
Maple Grove School opened it’s doors in February, 1970.

It’s opening was the fulfillment of many negotiations on the part of local school boards. The following schools were amalgamated to form Maple Grove School: Clyde Forks, Dunlop’s, Elphin, Hood’s. Hopetown, Lanark, McDonald’s Corners, Middleville, Poland, Thurlow, and Watson’s Corners.

Debbie-Angie Crosbie

Herons Mills and Bullochs were closed and we were all sent to Middleville I guess that is why we were not included.

MB Wylie
22h  · 

You know I can’t resist these old pictures. From mom’s collection April 29 1932- SS # 2 Dalhousie (Hoods). Uncle Elmer Paul, Aunt Verna Paul and mom Eileen Paul front and centre with the white shirt on. Sorry I can’t identify the others.

Clydesdale’s Heritage
June 28, 2020  · 

This card of 1923 shows Queen Christina McMillan of Kirkfieldbank School. She was crowned by Mrs D. Adams and the Cornet that year was William Shaw. What is very unusual is the fact that this photograph was done by Emilie Hood of 88 High Street, Lanark. She came to the town in 1917 and stayed till 1930. She rented a studio from Archibald Rogers. Paul Archibald in his book on Lanark Photographers relates a story that she left Lanark as she was jilted by a local man on the day of her wedding. However this story is not verified.


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