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Tennis – The Last Form of Bigotry? – Zoomer



Tennis – The Last Form of Bigotry? – Zoomer.



“One of the last forms of bigotry that seems to be socially accepted these days is to publicly hate or embarrass those who do not fit the celebrity fake ideal of “hot.” If you are a woman, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, what gifts you bring to the human race or what pristine character you possess, the arrangement of features, bone size and build determines your worth– and that my friends is truly sad.”

I am Canadian – Zoomers


I am Canadian – Zoomers.



“For 14 years I have not felt snow on my face or bitter cold flow through my veins. I had not realized that as each year passed I was losing the love for my country and for what it stands. I forgot that my countrymen are a friendly bunch that have sincere smiles and subtle accents and that wearing my hat through the winter days makes it easier to let dogs out and check for mail.”