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What is this? From Karen Prytula– LCGS

What is this?  From Karen Prytula– LCGS
Hi All
Last year at the Maberly Fair, a man brought a type of pan to the Heritage Table and asked us/everyone if anyone know what this pan was.  He said he found it on a farm in old South Sherbrooke Township (now Tay Valley Township). Nobody knew what it was.  The man said not even Clive’s Curios could help.  (newspaper column in the Lanark Era).
I don’t know who the man was, but he seemed to know the other locals who were hanging around the heritage booth – although I don’t know those people either – however I will recognize them again if they come back this year.  If those same people come back this year, I’ll ask them who the man with the pan was – hopefully they will know and the end result will be that I can get more information about the pan – i.e. – other items it was found with.
The bottom of the pan appears to have a formula on it  23% m, and the peace symbol.  This must mean something.  I wonder if the formula is meant to be pressed, stamped, or branded into something since the text is raised rather than impressed into the pan itself.  Maybe this pan is a mold for something – perhaps a weight was placed in it and the bottom of the pan was pressed into a soft hot metal – something a blacksmith might use- or maybe a foundary….. to mark a …..cast iron wood stove, cannon, etc.
The formula might indicate what the pan was made of – or what its used for.
Out of curiosity I checked the bottom of my own cast iron pans and the makers name is impressed into the bottom of the pan, not raised.
It appears to sit on something that that would have three, rungs, or elements….as the feet are graduated so it can sit flat on something, a little above something, or a little higher above something.  Hard to explain.
Also notice the gear used where the handle attaches to the pan.​
The handle itself has has a hook/crook in the top of it – so that when it hangs on something….it hangs straight or flat so that nothing can tip out of it….i.e. hot liquid ??
Hopefully the man, or the people who knew the man will come back to the Maberly Fair this August.
Karen Prytula–LCGS
Rob Bell thought it might be a spider skillet
I found this online
“There was a black iron skillet in my mother’s kitchen that she always called the spider. “Fetch me down that black iron spider,” she would say when she was getting ready to start on one of her famous dishes –tuna fish casserole, for instance, topped not with potato chips but with baking powder biscuits; or American chop suey, which surely must have had an Italian ancestry, made as it was with ground meat, tomato sauce and elbow macaroni. Or cornbread — no cornbread could ever fulfill its flavor potential, she declared, unless it was baked in that black iron spider.” Read the rest here: CLICK

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