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Looking for Memories of Stubby!!!

Looking for Memories of Stubby!!!


hillside grill


Sandy France The Hillside Grill in Almonte was famous for their Stubby 10 ounce soft drinks. Coke at the time was 7 ounces and cost a nickel. What are your memories?











The original Stubby Beverage was an orange and fresh cream concoction, created by Brown’s Beverages in Really Greater Ottawa — namely Kingston. The company then expanded into all sorts of other drinks and other cities, including the Nation’s Capital.

(From Ashbury College’s, The Ashburnian, in the early 40s.)


I’m pretty sure there was a Stubby plant on Carling Avenue on the South Side between Merivale and Kirkwood. I vaguely remember a one story building set back off the road a bit and the Stubby.







Sandy France

 My first Stubby in the late ‘40’s was their Root Beer. My first ice cream float was using Stubby Cream Soda. Those 2 cent deposit bottles are worth $16 now, 800 times their ori Terry Millerginal value. Guess we should have kept those bottles, Terry.


I don’t remember Stubby soda, but do remember Pure Spring ginger ale. Also made in Ottawa and was delicious . On Saturday nights ,in the late forties we would go to the Hillside restaurant and play the pinball machine while listening to Hank Williams on the jukebox. if you took the soda home you were charged 7 cents, and would be given 2 cents when returning the empty bottle.

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