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Was Roy Brown Looking for the Red Baron at the Museum Last Night? Photos



Something tells me Roy got the invite….



Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit that there are all kinds of things in this world that we simply can’t explain.  Even the most skeptical of us has a vague sense that maybe, just maybe, that noise, that unexplained shadow, or that feeling, might be something we don’t want to look at too closely. While we are talking here about things from the past, do you know what happened on April 21, 1918? Do you know about Roy Brown and the Red Baron?  Read all about it here!



Ghosts appear at night. There are very few ghostly sightings in the bright morning or afternoon sun.  They don’t seem to like it.  I’ve been told that twilight is a relatively good time to see ghosts, so last night might have been perfect for Roy to make his presence known.


Ghosts inhabit buildings. They prefer places that have some history to them — the older the better.  There are cases of ghosts showing up in new houses but not very often.  Generally they live in older buildings, or in places close to old buildings-so the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum is the perfect place for ole’ Roy to hang around. Trust me!



Ghosts don’t like an audience.  They prefer to appear before one, two or at most three people at a time.  And they tend to disappear just as quickly if more people come to investigate. Some even might even come to check out basketball scores– well it is the playoff season!  Maybe Roy was too, and he was looking over the shoulder of that gentlemen  on his phone in the back. Maybe Roy figured the gentlemen was looking for information on flying schools for warriors.


In the past, ghosts did not usually speak, but suddenly black and white whispered through the room. After all Roy’s family lived here in Carleton Place and there is no place like home-even for a ghost!


Ghosts have little or no colour.  In general, ghosts appear to be black and white or grey.  When they do have colour, it’s usually a washed-out tint like a flimsy transparency. Is Roy’s head losing its colour?


Everything seems calm and people are enjoying the event until….


What is Rob Probert doing? What is that mist he is touching? Is he channeling Roy? Just remember– you may not be as alone as you think. But, do join the Roy Brown Society today!

Roy Brown Shot Down the Red Baron

Author’s note--By the way, if anyone asks you about Charles Schultz’s Snoopy and how he ‘helped’ Roy Brown shoot down the Red Baron– well, you can tell them the same thing Rob Probert tells everyone else.

Who was Snoopy?

Heck, that was Roy Brown’s dog:)



Sandra Hurdis Finigan for all her hard work, and Scott Reid M.P. for the wonderful event!


Dennis Burn from the Leatherworks in Carleton Place



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