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You Can Leave Your Hat on in Carleton Place!





Photos from  the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

McDiarmids was just up the street from the Keyes Building on Bridge Street where The Granary is located-note the balcony.


Did you know this?

During the French Revolution, the revolutionaries would put on a red Smurf cap (often turned backwards) as a symbol that they wanted liberty. This earned them the nickname of the “bonnets rouges.” Want to see a bonnet rouge? Check out the seal of the US Senate, at left.

Although Smurf hats are undignified these days (because of the damn Smurfs), the people who designed the emblems of the United States had the pleasure of dying before the Smurf movies came out, and they were very into the symbolism of the phrygian caps. You’ll find “Smurf caps” worked into the old seal of the War Department, symbolizing that Americans will fight for physical liberty, and sculpted into the decorations on the Library of Congress, symbolizing the need for artistic and academic liberty. I need a smurf hat.