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Shenanigans of the Monday Night Town Hall Opening

Shenanigans of the Monday Night Town Hall Opening


October 29,1897-Almonte Gazette

Livery rigs were at a premium in town on Monday night owing to the number of Almonters who drove up to attend the Carleton Place concert. Three of our young townsmen, probably unable to secure another vehicle, had a lively ride to and from the junction town that evening by means of a railway tricycle they were fortunate enough to secure.

They did the distance to C. P. in twenty minutes, we understand, and on the return trip were spurting to lower the record, when, opposite Mr. Wylie’s factory on the outskirts of the town, there was a collision with one of those pretty little stripe-backed animals known technically as the **Mephitis Americana, and the animal shuffled off its coil with more speed than the spurters deemed necessary under the circumstances.




For some time after the unfortunate accident the survivors were threatened with social ostracism by their many friends, but the burial of at least two suits of clothes and persistent and well-directed attempts at fumigation have rendered such a contingency unnecessary. We have not heard in what dialect the owner of the triple wheeler clothed his thoughts when he set out on his next trip, and we are ready to believe that the local C.P. residents are dumb as an oyster over the affair, doubtless owing to the fact that it is against the rules of the company to give every Richard, Tom or Henry particulars as to collisions, washouts or other accidents ! 




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The receipts from the Carleton Place concert were $212.50, and $75 was cleared.

* *Mephitis Americana–SKUNK



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  23 Nov 1897, Tue,  Page 6


 - Life at the top Renovation of Carleton Place...

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  21 Nov 1978, Tue,  [Second] REVISION,  Page 1


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He Almost Became a Dead Skunk in the Middle of the 12th Line



Seems one day on the 12th line of Ramsay became no joke for snow plower Mel Royce. Royce who once plowed the streets of Almonte and the 12th line of Ramsay encountered quite the stinky situation.

That snowy Wednesday day he was making progress up the line until he came across a skunk in the middle of the road that wasn’t too keen on moving. Well, Mel wasn’t going to move either with his snowplow and wondered why the skunk wasn’t hibernating with the rest of the skunks.

Well, as the standoff continued two young lads Alex Symington and Cecil McIntyre, decided they would do their good deed as it was also Boy Scout Week. They discussed a plan among themselves and then began to pelt the skunk with snowballs. The skunk still didn’t move from either defiance or stupidity. Minutes later with both sides trying to decide what to do, the skunk just decided to move and sit on the side of the road for a spell. I am pleased to also offer the news that Mel Royce finished clearing that road for everyone that lived on the 12th Line of Ramsay.



is this THE Mel Royce or his son?

ASC-History-1967-A-Team (1).png

Mel Royce 1967- Photo from the Almonte Soccer Club

Top from left: Mel Royce, Fred Ryan, Bill Kennedy, Dan Vaughan, (Mr. Young), Pat Finner, J. Robillard
Bottom row: Mike Savard, Tim Casey, Pat Muldoon, Jim Vaughan, Brian O’Connell, Mike Horton