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It Pays to Advertise… Classified Ad Brides

It Pays to Advertise… Classified Ad Brides
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Photo– The Daily Advertiser  1874
January 1880– The Daily Advertiser
An advertisement appeared in the London Advertiser’s weekly edition not very long ago from a man in Temby Bay, Manitoulin Island, named Ibbotson, in which he spoke of his desire to secure a Christian woman or spinster for a housekeeper or wife. Of course the advertisement was read by many people, among whom was a widow in Perth, mother of two children, who answered it, inquiring for particulars.

The gentleman wrote a reply, according to a correspondent, in which he described his house and worldly goods, and explained that he desired someone to take charge of his household. The widow took kindly to the idea of joining hands with the publisher of the advertisement, and expended about $20 on a ticket to go to the distant island. She did not find things quite as she expected, however.

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The household consisted of a father and nine children, the youngest of whom was 7 years of age. The children’s mother had died insane some time previous, and the blushing and charming widow was loath to complete the transaction which she had begun so bravely. She was stopping at *Hilton, and the widower went there to interview her, but the lady of his choice declined to be seen at all.

This would be a sad ending were it not that another chapter yet remains to be unfolded. A young man resident on the island heard of the lady being without a home and she had two little children, 5 and 6 years old. He went and had a nice little talk on Sunday, proposed marriage on Monday, was accepted, and the wedding took place on Tuesday.

The correspondent who furnishes these particulars claims that the widow has not made a mistake, even if it was a hasty -action, for the young man in question is sober, respected and industrious. At last accounts Mr. Ibbotson, the party of the first part, was on his way to Bruce Mines to meet another lady who had taken preliminary steps towards matrimony in response to the same advertisement. For romance– the pure description this Canada of ours can outstrip any country on earth if a proper start is made.

*London: Daily Advertiser 1874, 1880-1885