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“Wear Your Woolens Ladies” — says The Carleton Place Canadian



December 27, 1940.

An editorial letter in the Carleton Place Canadian made news in the major newspapers basically telling women they needed to suck it up (nicely) due to the war time shortage.

There are men of our acquaintance, men with no angelic qualities worthy of mention, for whom silk socks are essential, but their numbers now are relatively small. The news that the manufacture of silk stockings is to be curtailed, if not entirely eliminated is sad news, but it is a necessary war measure. Women by reason of quality insist that even hosiery shall harmonize perfectly with their greater delicacy. Adam’s apron was probably made of the same quality fig leaves as Eve’s, and if sartorial differences crept in a later time, the historians of the period ignored them.

If silk stockings are essential to the happiness of women, we can understand their anxiety, for the ban on these luxuries will probably remain in force until after the war. Let them cry their eyes and smile happily and cultivate as profound a philosophy as their femininity will permit. They will look as charming and alluring in woolens as they would in the finest silk.

Man does not appraise woman by the stockings she wears.

Carleton Place Canadian