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Don’t Be a Bad Dog in Carleton Place! — Really!!! — SIGNS OF THE TIMES



Can your dog pee on command? I know I can’t!  Dog behaviour specialists suggest outlining the potty area using something your dog will easily notice, such as inexpensive wire garden fencing (two feet high or less) or some large, decorative stones. How about a sign? Can he read?


This local veterinarian’s office wants your dog to form a new habit. They want you to prevent him from eliminating in that specific area for awhile. Timing is crucial–how does he understand he can no longer pee in the place he has peed at in the last 12 years?

Can they tell the difference who actually peed? Was it him? Was it me? Was it someone else?  Is there a scent infraction somewhere? As Carleton Place resident Mike Piper said: “I wouldn’t want to be driving by those signs with a carloads of 7-year-olds!”


I mean- do they expect a furry guy like this to obey the signs? I think not-in fact- I can personally vouch for this big fella, that he won’t care and I can’t stop him. Public Unriary Etiquette is beyond him.


What was all this about in Carleton Place in the 1964 Carleton Place Canadian newspaper? What if it had been the guy below?

Are we all going to the dogs?


“If you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know who you are!” —The late Edna Gardner Carleton Place

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Superior Sign in Almonte — What’s the Difference?



The new Superior restaurant sign– not quite the same as the old

Posted:  on 03 Jul 20–The Millstone

by Peter Foisy

So what’s the difference with the sign? Yes, The original sign was hand painted, this one has vinyl stickers on top of blue paint. But what else is different?


Gal MacDonald asked:
Should we restore our very own Olympia Restaurant sign as it is part of downtown Carleton Place history? Do we ever stop trying to save memories?


Should The Olympia sign be restored in Carleton Place? How far should we go to keep history alive?

  • In the Carleton Place Restaurant Review.. someone said that they were not in favour of using tax payers dollars to restore the Olympia sign as it had been closed since 2001. I agree.. and this is what I said..
  • I have never been behind anyone using any tax payers money to do something like this. Anyone that knows me knows I always do things from the heart– and assume others do in some respects too. I am going to post a story tonight that is going to blow your socks off. I am just a firm believer that we have so much to offer in this town.. and so much MORE than the history of Roy Brown but (let’s not take away from what this man did)— BUT if you have been following my stories on The Tales of Carleton Place every night– I have only touched the edge of what we have to offer tourists here in Carleton Place. But having places papered up for years does not make the Main Street look good or help the finances of the town. Of course neither does shopping or supporting restaurants in Kanata. It’s all about bringing folks to CP for me. I have people all around the world reading about CP- Would love to exchange that into dollars of tourism for the town.

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Why Don’t People Read Signs?


Waiting for a blood test after you have fasted 14 hours is hard enough but to watch stupidity in motion at 7:30 am is enough to make your soon to be donated blood boil.

The sign said clearly upon entering:

“Please form line behind sign and await your turn.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty black and white. But as I watched each client enter; they ignored the directions on the sign. Some immediately rushed the front desk where they were told firmly to await their turn behind the sign. Grumbles, confusion and revolt, ensued with the odd comment of:

“Guess someone is cranky this morning.”

Due to all the advertising that we’re exposed to, do our minds automatically tune all important messages out? Does it most importantly apply to signs because we’re so used to seeing them we think, “oh I don’t need to read that I already know what it’s going to tell me”.  It’s a shame, as we all seem to be illiterate. Or perhaps, it’s that people can really read, but they just don’t care.

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