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#TheBigSpend Saturday Shopping Local — Photo Blog

#TheBigSpend Saturday Shopping Local — Photo Blog


Stephen McNeil



Our small biz have been hit hard by #COVID19NS & need our support. Now more than ever, we need to think local, buy local & support local. Today, I encourage NSians to participate in @TheBigSpend
by shopping at a small business in our province.  #TheBigSpend

It was a hot day out there Saturday July 25th on the pavements of Carleton Place, Ontario. Really in my heart I wanted to cover more territory but my aging legs would have none of the above. But I tried hard. Each time I need to buy something I think first if I can buy it locally. This week I bought flowers from the Floral Boutique and the kids bought pizza from Spartan Pizza for our birthday dinner Friday night.

I knew I could not do the whole street but next Saturday I will do my best to take another crack at it as the Queens has stuff going on.

Image may contain: text that says 'Christmas in the Summer The Queens 2nd Anniversary Event Saturday, August 1st, 2020 QUEENS crafters Celebrate at The Queens with these events: Baked provided by Dianna and our vendors. 10am 'Tish's will giving samples themed coffee and products. 11am samples hot chocolate. been decided Grounds but Queens 'Aloha'. Linda Standing, having meet resident greet. Gallery. For every $15 spend in store, you get ticket for on donated vendors. Items as: coffee, antiques, vintage soaps and more... 142 Bridge St Carleton Place, ON Covid Concerns? Staff be wearing masks, every customer, sanitizeri provided entryways.'
Christmas in the Summer – The Queens 2nd Anniversary Event
Public · Hosted by The Queens Crafters and Antique Market

More Clippings Found About the 1910 Carleton Place Fire

It was pretty easy to park anywhere on Saturday, and the first place I hit was the Royal Bank to cash a cheque. As I looked up at the old United Church I noticed they were refacing the stones and the black soot spots on the stones are almost gone. Each time I looked up at that building the black marks reminded me of the day our downtown was nearly wiped out. Now there will be no more reminders.

Burn’s Jewellers

Did you know that Burns Jewellers is one of the few places that carries ALL Canadian diamonds? That’s right no blood diamonds here–which are diamonds mined in war zones and sold to finance conflicts, and thereby profit warlords and diamond companies across the world. Mr. Burns knows what’s right to sell!!
Mr. Burns from Burns Jewellers telling me I should know what a mechanical watch is.. LOLOL
The A. H. Whitton watch that was given to the former mayor of Almonte by the employees in 1948. Mr. Burns also told me there are hardly any watchmakers left in the business.. they all died off like the plasterers.-A Piece of Almonte History for Sale –A. H. Whitten- Almonte Hotel

After the bank I popped in to see Lainie and Mr. Burns. I thought my vintage watch was broken but it wasn’t. You just needed to know how to wind a mechanical watch.. DUH! I’m surely old enough to know that. But, he said I wasn’t the first and would not be the last because apparently there was a gent in before me who didn’t have a clue either. He fixed another watch of mine and there is a necklace in for repair. While I was there he showed me all the Canadian diamonds and there are a few surprises coming to Burns, so stay tuned.

The Good Food Co.

The Good Food Co, Bridge Street Carleton Place

Next was the Good Food Co.— I could have bought a lot of stuff there, but I was trying to hit as many stores as I could. Best Cheddar Onion Scones around. Don’t forget Petra has a lovely side patio where you can munch on your treats. There is limited inside seating also.

The Granary

The Granary Bridge Street Carleton Place

I bought some Little Stream Bread– Little Stream Bread is out of Perth-Little Stream Bakery handcrafts each loaf of its naturally leavened (no yeast added), stone ground flour bread using only organically grown grains. Of course I had to pick up some Berry Gummy Bears. The gal at the counter is always very helpful and explained they also had Vegan Gummy Bears too.

Argues old front screen door-Memories of Argue’s Food Market?

Taste Blooms Allan Street

Taste Blooms Allan Street Carleton Place Lemon Brownies and Dark Chocolate Brownies.
Taste Blooms Allan Street Carleton Place- Cherry Vanilla Cake – This was my Saturday Birthday Cake
Taste Blooms Allan Street Carleton Place Birthday Cookies- Milk Chocolate Chip

So next place was Taste Bloom’s on Allan Street– across from the Queen’s Hotel and near the Good Companion. ( The Old Hunger Stop Food Bank location) They have a few socially distanced tables if you care to have a treat or lunch. I got our Saturday night Birthday cake and a small sampling of Brownies. They cater too and specialize in making cakes! They also have birthday cookies if it’s your birthday.

Image may contain: people sitting, table, food and indoor
Taste Blooms caters too!

There’s always something new every day for lunch and treats so check with them by viewing their Facebook page. You will not regret it. She is also Studied Diplôme de Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa. A great addition to our wee town!!! We loved our treats!


Wisteria’s gorgeous clocks and decor.. here is their website
I can’t figure out it is a bee or a fly… but I love it.

Since 2006, Wisteria has been a downtown Carleton Place destination on Bridge Street and Janice has filled this exciting shop with an eclectic mix of high end ladies’ consignment clothing and shoes, with a large section of new jewelry, giftware and home decor, including soft furnishings like throws, cushions and quilts. After a nice visit with Janice and Gail I decided to buy this great necklace. I love their conversation pieces–plus their conversation. Check out their website too!https://www.wisteriacp.com/

Fisherman’s Palace

Phad Thai Fisherman’s PalaceHot Pots Are the New Friday! Fisherman’s Palace Brings Hot Pots to Carleton Place!!

I was tired and hot by this time so home I went and we decided to order our favourite: Pad Thai from Fisherman’s Palace. My benchmark Thai restaurant back in Berkeley, California was The Plearn on University Ave. I would often take BART up to Berkeley Main for a dish of Pad Thai with Steve on a whim.

I have had Pad Thai from Fishman’s Palace many times and I can tell you it is as close to the Plearn that I will ever get. Believe me, there is plenty of bad Pad Thai out there – many versions are too sweet or ketchupy, but a true Pad Thai, however, is a thing of beauty — and that’s what this is.

Each time I walk into our local stores I hear this song

Should you Fear the Beard? The Sandlot is in Your Carleton Place Backyard!


World Series Parade and Sam Bat Photos by Linda Seccaspina

There is no secret after following baseball in the bay area for years I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan. My favourite player of all time is– wait– are you ready?  The now unemployed former Giants and LA Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson. I still follow his weekly antics because I relate to his craziness, and even have a framed World Series picture and a Brian Wilson bobblehead.




Photos Linda Seccaspina World Series Parade San Francisco 2010


It’s pitcher Brian Wilson.. I got his photo.. I love this guy


I have covered a World Series parade, and even as a Canadian gal, can say there is nothing like rabid baseball fans. Did you know During World War II, the U.S. military designed a grenade to be the size and weight of a baseball, since “any young American man should be able to properly throw it.” Or, did you know bank robber John Dillinger was once a professional second baseman, although he never made it to the major leagues?


Did you know every single MLB baseball is rubbed in Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud, a unique “very fine” mud only found in a secret location near Palmyra, New Jersey. Okay, the secret is out, the mud is taken from the Rancocas Creek  in Willingboro N.J. Many major league baseball players, including Moises Alou, Jorge Posada, and Kerry Wood, have admitted that they pee on their own hands during baseball season to “toughen” their grip. Pitcher Dock Ellis says he threw his June 12, 1970, no-hitter while under the influence of LSD.


In 1999, New York Mets manager Bobby Valentine was ejected from the game. In the clubhouse, he put on regular clothes and a fake mustache and returned to the dugout. The commissioner’s office fined him $5,000 for returning after an ejection.


So what does this have to do with Carleton Place? A lot! Tucked away on Industrial Avenue, in Carleton Place lies Sam Bat, The Original Maple Bat Corporation. Have you heard the crack from a baseball bat from your house?


Did you know the president is a woman? If you read my story The Symphony of the Louisville Slugger and Sam Bat you know most of this. A month ago I was lucky able to attend their open house–and I can tell you I enjoyed every single second of it.






Walking into Sam Bat made me miss the Bay area and the constant drone of the television during baseball season. It made me miss sitting in the stands at a Giants game, and trying to figure out baseball– although I was super impressed with the Pablo Sandoval Panda hats.

We have something very important in Carleton Place. Even if you never watched a baseball game you have to be proud of Sam Bat, Arlene Anderson, and the people that work there. They have given Carleton Place an International presence!


I guess I will never understand the slow pace of the game, but today, as I write this tears are rolling down my face. Is there ever really crying in baseball? Maybe Tom Hanks was wrong when he uttered the famous movie line. But, It does exist–we’re all human. When you’ve got feelings, you cry.

There’s clearly emotion in baseball and I have seen it first hand. Behind every nameplate, behind every uniform, there’s a person, a life, and likely a family. The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers–
and the people that produce the bats at Sam Bat in Carleton Place.

big bat

SHOP LOCAL FOR The Holidays- You can visit their gift store or shop online

The Sandlot is 20 years old, and here’s what the cast looks like today: