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Youths Fired a Shot in Carleton Place Street Caused a Sunday Sensation in the Year 1867

Youths Fired a Shot in Carleton Place Street Caused a Sunday Sensation in the Year 1867

1867, Carleton Place

This to Carleton Place readers, should be of general interest showing that wild doings were enacted in the old times as well as at present. Who would expect a revolver to be fired off in the streets of Carleton Place at the present day? The item is from a copy of the ( Carleton Place Herald) of 1867:

“Shooting Affray in Carleton Place”

On Sunday last in the sober little village of Carleton Place there was almost enacted a tragedy on the highway that would have out-rivalled in boldness that of any deed that has been committed by any of the notorious Dick Turpin stripe. Two young men scarcely out of their teens, were driving furiously through the village, when some person took upon himself the responsibility of bringing them to order, when one of them drew from his pocket a loaded pistol and fired it at the person who was trying to bring them to, but without effect.

The scamps made off as fast as they could, and we understand, the person who fired the shot has since made himself scarce in this neighbourhood. But why, in the name of Justice, should young men in these townships go armed with pistols, or any such dangerous weapon, we know not. He hopes that the ‘state of affairs’ in our neighbouring villages has not necessitated any such preparation on the part of strangers, as to go armed with such a deadly weapon as a loaded pistol or revolver. But we sincerely trust that such conduct as above described may meet with that rigid punishment of which such a treacherous act deserves.

Trivia- Who was Dick Turpin?

Turpin was executed for stealing horses in 1739 at York and he would have been forgotten to history had it not been for Harrison Ainsworth’s popular 1834 novel Rookwood. In it he describes Turpin galloping north in the dark: “His blood spins through his veins; winds round his heart; mounts to his brain. Away! Away! He is wild with joy.” The highwayman character etched in Rookwood, as well as local narratives, poems, and ballads that sprung from it, granted Turpin a notorious posthumous status.

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So What Happened to Gertie Nixon? Tragedy at Idylwyld Park

So What Happened to Gertie Nixon? Tragedy at Idylwyld Park

In the July 13th issue of the Carleton Place and Almonte papers the folks of 1900 were besot with what was going to happen to Gertie Nixon. Gertie did not live around these parts but lived in Orangeville, Ontario. People followed her story as she was on death’s door for days.

Ottaway Hunter, whose name was Herman Ottawa Hunter and not Ottaway loved Gertie Nelson like not other. Ottawa was 17 at the time but had fallen in love with young Gertie who had barely turned 15. For two years, even though they came from different areas he pursued her relentlessly.

By the time of the shooting, Gertie was 17 and had moved to Toronto, and Ottawa the infatuated followed her. She had found work as a dressmaker and they had returned separately to Orangeville the day before the Dominion Day festivities.

On Dominion Day in 1900 he went for the gold at Idylwyld Park in Orangeville, Ontario and demanded her love in return. Gertie wasn’t having of the sort and so when he said he was going to shoot her, she told him to go ahead., so he did, in the back, and then shot himself. The young stalker shot himself immediately and Gertie… well read at the bottom what happened to her.


.The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Jul 1900, Wed  •  Page 3

The Windsor Star
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
13 Jul 1900, Fri  •  Page 5
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
14 Jul 1900, Sat  •  Page 9
The Windsor Star
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
20 Jul 1900, Fri  •  Page 5

No matter what the media said the paralysis never left Gertie and she needed a wheelchair. But where had she gone? Had she ever given her heart to another after all that? Betty Franklin, a volunteer researcher at the Dufferin County Museum & Archives who is familiar with the story, discovered an obituary. Gertie passed away in Toronto on July 28, 1948. She was 65. She had continued in her career as a dressmaker, used a wheelchair all her life, and never married. Do you blame her?

Name:Herman Detawa Hunter
[Herman Ottawa Hunter
Birth Date:abt 1881
Birth Place:East Gerafreld
Death Date:1 July 1900
Death Place:Dufferin, Ontario, Canada
Cause of Death:Suicide

1891 Census

Name:Hermon Hunter
Marital status:Single
Birth Year:abt 1882
Birth Place:East Garafraxa Ontario
Residence Date:1891
Residence Place:Caledon, Cardwell, Ontario, Canada
Relation to Head:Son
Religion:Free Church
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
French Canadian:No
Father’s Birth Place:Ontario
Mother’s Name:Elizabeth Hunter
Mother’s Birth Place:Ontario

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  08 Jun 1934, Fri,  Page 1


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